Craig Smith Blog

I really enjoyed Craig Smith's Blog of his Scouting trip during the fall.

I understand he's heading South again soon...

Anyone interested in being treated to another Smitty Blog on this Site?


I for one would enjoying reading another blog from Craig. He is a true gentleman who writes exactly how he talks - and in his case that is a good thing. His insight into football is second-to-none and because he is such a nice guy and well respected he is able to get into places and give us insight that few others can.

I defintely hope he gives us another blog.

Yes there great info ...
hope they Do it again..


hope he goes down to talk to his friend

Good thread, PJay.

Craig Smith's scouting blog was one of the more enjoyable features of this year and it would be nice to see another one at some point in the future.

Well he can blog all he wants , lets hope he brings some good players in because of the trip !!!! Otherwise what`s the point ??