Craig Dickenson's ineptitude

There’s quite a few people who would rather play elsewhere due to current management/coaching. Sankey was incredibly angry at ODay when he left, for example. We had a potential young quarterback, who was a homegrown hero, no less, decide not to play rather than play here. That’s without going into the debacle that was the search for an OC who would actually accept a job under the current regime.

So its not a stretch to think some linemen wanted to leave.


The lack of use of our Canadian running backs is a problem too. Would like to see 2 backs in the back field at all times, one of them a Canadian.

If you were a coach in this league and did that the fans would have chased you out of the country by game 3 of any season you attempted to go such a thing

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Well you have to find the right one for starters