Craig Dickenson's ineptitude

It is NOT The Fans… It is the select few that like to think they know it all. They also happen to be very vocal … If you have not noticed every team has them too


Yes I know, but far too much attention is paid to them by the media, and it never stops, once it starts. We must repel the naysayers.

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This season feels different- as a team they seem far more united and their team cohesion seems better

Harris.brings far more to the team than just his qb play and i hope fans can see his leadership that he has brought with him

Not a knock on Cody but last few seasons the team didnt seem as all being on the same page

Geroy had the same great impact in his short tenure here as well


Wins help… perpetually losing bad and ugly each week will bring to the locker room the ill will the Riders had last season

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It usually starts with the offence or defence feeling like the other isn’t pulling their weight. Riders haven’t been the only team with problems - just the most visible.
When teams move seemingly talented guys for what seems like no reason or let really talented guys get away in free agency - they may come with more than you see.

Like Sankey, and Nafees Lyon…

In the CFL EVERY team loses guys in free agency EVERY. Single year… It is the fans with axes to grind that often for strange reason asign nefarious reasons to what happens to all teams.
Some often see one team do something wrong in their eyes but cell it a great decision when the same thing happens to their team. You have pretty decent football knowledge but your views are often tainted to as to the good or bad depending on if it your team or other teams your thoughts are spoken to … Others have often pointed this out to you.

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But when he is a beast at MLB in Calgary --and they don’t make him an offer in free agency, and the same thing happens in Saskatchewan, why would that be? Why would no other team make an offer for the best run stopper in the game last season?

There’s a reason…and enough Calgary players from 2021 spread across the league that GM’s probably know about him…

You are kidding right.

So why did no team pick up an outstanding MLB in free agency then? He’s too good? No one needs an outstanding MLB?

I do not pretend to know but do know there is no conspiracy…most likely for the exact same reason NOBODY. Has ever gotten a clear picture of a real sasksquatch that is not faked

He chose to go a team in the States before anyone had a chance to sign him up here, to be with family. I thought you followed this league, or at least put yourself out that you do with all the supposed knowledge you have of it., ie Edmonton had the greatest offseason ever and Riders have done nothing to improve themselves over the same time period. It’s the only 2 things you ever post about.


As stated earlier… Some fans have some football knowledge but tend to see and say a lot of stuff that just don’t hold water. Especially when it pertains to how good his team is and how bad certain other teams are. Almost like they make stuff up to fit their agenda as they want it to be.

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Really I wouldn’t believe what Danny the car salesman, my golf buddy Emilio, or a former employee who’s wife was Hugh’s secretary the entire time he was her and continued on until she passed away from cancer and had a Womens Award named after her and his friend Geroy have to say

Guys probably know nothing about football…like the other dozen Elks and former Elks clients I had in my sales job, and have in my rolodex…

I’m betting I learn more about football and behind the scenes every time I get my oil changed than most fans will ever know.

BTW…if you want to spot a good middle linebacker in camp - stumpy legs…kinda like Bighill…

Big hill has far more going for himself than stumpy legs to be as good as he is.
I also know personally 2 current NHL players and several who used to play at the game at that level… However this does not make me a hockey expert anymore than you feel you know lots about football.thdtbnoonevis party to… You have had many wrong assertions over time. And your way wrong predictions speak to this proof… Recently you claimed a conspiracy on why a certain fee agent was not signed by anyone including the team he was playing for…then you hound out the player in question no longer wanted to.olsy in the CFL. For family reasons… How did you miss that tidbit with all your connections

Can someone explain to me why Dickenson had Harris roll out on the last play of the game, exposing him to potential injury? What was the thinking there? Why not just run the ball or have the QB throw high and out of bounds?

Harris is no spring chicken. He’s lucky he wasn’t seriously injured on the play.

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The play was the right call (IMHO), the execution (by Harris) left a bit “wanting.” He simply held on to the ball too long. Of course because Harris made the error, and ended up going to the ground, everyone in Sask wants to vilify the HC . Admittedly I was one of of them, but after more review I’ve settled on pointing the blame on our VERY experienced, highly paid QB. As with the late interception, he needs to be better than that.


I notice Harris is listed as questionable this week…

That’s not great. Hopefully he’ll be able to play.

I said on another thread… I think the Riders will need all 4 qbs this year. The oline is still a problem based on game 1

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Blake going on the 6-game and possibly being done for the season can’t help either…