Craig Dickenson?????

...Supposedly an announcement shortly on our special teams coach hire....He just resigned in Regina....Could he be our guy ??....IF SO all i can say is :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: ...We may have just stolen one good coach :smiley:

Well I would think you have to be under contract in order to Resign. Therefor, if that is the case he is not able to take another job in the league IMO.

Kirk Penton at the Sun is confirming it...

We have our new Special Teams coach... :thup:

LOL, whatever became of that old saw that lateral transfers aren't permitted in the CFL ?

I suppose he'll be Special Teams Coordinator and Assistant to the Associate of the Coordinator in Charge of Make-work Projects to make it look like a promotion.

...I guess if the argos can play that game (see Jones formerly of the stumps) I'd say we're late to the game...I love the signing...Maybe a terrific special teams coach isn't equal to an NI O Lineman, like Labatte, but i'd say we just returned the favour..Sorry riders :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: Hope this doesn't sting too badly... I guess this is the new way to do business.... :roll:

After what happened last year with Jones anyone who is not a HC can pretty much do whatever he wants. Looks like Dickenson and Chamblin agreed to disagree a few weeks ago. Good pickup by Winnipeg. :thup:

Pretty much....

Chamblin: The Matrix is everywhere, it is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window, or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, or when you go to church or when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

Dickenson: What truth?

Chamblin: That you are a slave, Craig. Like everyone else, you were born into bondage, born inside a prison that you cannot smell, taste, or touch. A prison for your mind. Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.

Dickenson: Give me the Blue pill. I'm out of here

:) :lol: :lol: .....AND pill makes you larger (in the wallet) and one pill makes you small (the green one) but the one that Chamblin gives you didn't do a bloody thing at all....Go ask Craig when he's....(We'll have to wait to fill in the rest of this one????) :wink:

LOL, papa you are dating yourself with the White Rabbit reference . . . but I got it.

Didn't Grace have a set of pipes? Wonder whatever became of her. . .

.....Grace was sure slick....cough ..cough...sorry bout that one MJ.....I don't know where she disappeared to....Last i heard she was singing with a different version of Jefferson Airplane....after that she could have crash landed anywhere :lol: She did have a great voice MJ... :thup:

Supposedly Dickenson was being told he needed to remain in Regina during the offseason and he had other commitments. His quote on TSN would seem to validate that

"My decision to resign is based on off-season commitments I have made that I intend to honour and also to a conflict of schedule which could not be worked out," Dickenson said in a statement.

It seems the Riders were probably not being flexible with their demands and he decided to quit and look for another job that offered him that flexibility to keep up with whatever his offseason commitments were. Since he quit and decided to look for a more accomodating job on his own I would hardly call that poaching. Though I wouldn’t count out some backroom stuff as I’ve read that Dickenson, Creehan, and Burke had previously all worked together in Calgary. I would grade this as an upgrade over Walters who was moved up to asst GM.

Grace is alive and well....she's into art/painting. Grace Slick story in the link above.

So, I wonder what were these "other commitments" that prevented him from residing in Regina during the offseason. . . will these "other commitments" prevent him from living in Winnipeg during the offseason?

Or. . . perhaps these "other commitments" that prevented him from residing in Regina during the offseason were his job interviews in Winnipeg. . .

I read somewhere that he had an offseason job in Montana or somewhere which he could not keep with the Riders. Whether that's accurate or not we'll find out soon enough. If true though I'm sure whatever deal he signs with Winnipeg will allow him that flexibility to keep that job.

I can't see a CFL coach quitting in January before having another job in hand...

....It looks like Chamblin runs a tight tight that some of the crew want to sign off....I don't really know the score over there in greenland but IF the reason Dickenson decided to jump ship, was because he was forced to choose between his off-season interests and sitting in the office in Regina...welllllll I guess he made his choice....I do know one thing, IF i were a head-coach who had a valuable assistant, who is damned hard to replace (doubt the riders will come-up with anyone as competent this year) I would seek some way to keep him happy....If it took being a little more lenient, then that's the course you take...Bad move Chamblin, one he might surely regret... :wink:

Apparently most teams want their assistants to report some time in February but Chamblin wanted his assistants in Regina in January. Dickenson has an off-season job in Montana that he didn't want to give up so he resigned. According to what was apparently posted at RiderFans, Dickenson actually resigned a week ago and he was being courted by 3 teams but chose to sign with Winnipeg possibly because of his previously working with Burke and Creehan.

I think most teams have their staff meet up at the coaching convention late winter.

HfxTC, meeting up for a coaching convention is not the same thing as being expected to be back in the team's offices on a daily basis. Apparently Arash Madani was on Regina radio saying that most CFL teams want their coaches back in the office by March (my dates were a little out in my other post) but Chamblin wants his coaches back sooner than that which caused a conflict with off-season committments Dickenson had.

And from what I've now read it appears that Dickenson's resignation was actually tendered more than a week ago.

Yep, surely this cements it for the Bombers. That cup drought just has to end now. After all they just signed a special teams coach, who's previous unit was very average at best, and who isn't really fond of working to boot. Get that parade route planned out, this has to be the steele of the century. :lol: :lol: