Craig Dickenson Resigns

The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced today that Special Teams Coordinator Craig Dickenson has tendered his resignation.

“My decision to resign is based on off-season commitments I have made that I intend to honour and also to a conflict of schedule which could not be worked out,? Dickenson said in a written statement to the Club. “I appreciate the effort and work of the players and coaches I had the privilege of working with during my two years in Regina. I want to thank Coach Chamblin for hiring me and supporting me this past season. I especially want to thank and express my sincere appreciation to Jim Hopson, Brendan Taman, and Jeremy O'Day. Thank you Rider Nation for your support and enthusiasm these past two years.?

Dickenson joined the Riders in 2011 after spending the previous season with the Oakland Raiders as a Special Teams Assistant. A well respected coach, Dickenson also had stints with the Calgary Stampeders where he spent seven seasons and the Montreal Alouettes where he spent the 2003 season.

[url=] ... on-resigns[/url] he shook hands on something while under contract and said F it!

I was reading speculation that this involves cutting into his snowboarding
It is an argument that they have apparently had going on for a while...Chamblin wants big winter in-office hours, and Craig basically said no.

...and thus he moves to Winnipeg

Burke: Come in whenever you want - or don't! We really appreciate it if you make it to games, though.

I'm not entirely sure how one under contract can just walk away from it and go to another team like that. Doesn't seem like something the CFL would approve of.

I mean...if there is a big rift it is all for the best, but still...head scratcher.

Oh...and if it is true that Chamblin expects a ST coach to be sitting in the office the entire off-season, I side with Dickenson.

Perhaps the hiring of Richard Kent plays a role. Sure there are two Defensive Back coaches, thus Dickenson's time with the Riders became numbered. On that note; there is a chance that coach Miles may take over the Secial Teams job?

Well, maybe if the part of the team Dickenson was reponsible for hadn't given up a 3 point swing, on a convert attempt, the highest % play in the league for decades, in the most important game of the year, he wouldn't have required him to be there early. Obviously there is work to be done in that area.

I always stated that our special teams graded a C this season.

Coverage was great. We didn;t give up big return yards?

But.........Taj Smith muffing the onside kick............Sandro drops a snap on a punt attempt............yeah a missed convert in the west semi final. Numerous 3rd down gambles that we did not stop? These are momentum things.

Teams has to be all encompassing. Stop returners for limited yards, secure the ball, win field positiion, stop 3rd down gambles, make 100% converts and hopefully higher than 75% on FG's. It all matters and tightening up is possible.

I know he was highly praised but I don;t see it as a huge deal. But coach better round our his offensice staff soon and get set signing some free agents very soon! The closer it gets to Feb 15th players will wait it out and try FA?

I would think us fans will be getting some news later in the week/and or next week once Chamblin gets back from the coaches clinic in Nashville. I wonder if the Riders may/could be interested in DE Import Bryant Turner of Winnipeg if he's still available on Feb.15th?

I have been wondering if Boreham is being considered for this job.

I hope not. I am under the impression that he isn't all that bright. He was deemed academically ineligible for the U of S. It is why he moved to the Bisons. But I have been wrong before, lots, so who knows.

yes, I have heard the same. My speculation comes purely from that he signed on just in time to retire and then stayed on until the end of the year as a consultant. Perhaps he has a high level of football smarts. Talking to him, he seems to knew the game extremely well...he also is one of the few players who came close to revolutionizing a position, with his attack the line approach. Tis purely something that has crossed my mind a couple of times.

Checked out the list of coaching openings in the NFL and there are many; didn't see Bob Wylie's name anywhere for teams that are still interviewing candidates for various positions that are available. As far as the Special Teams job for the Riders; Chamblin is waiting to see who gets hired in the NFL and who will be available and willing to come to the CFL as their second choice.[likely towards the end of January] I'm still going to go with Wylie for the Riders O-Line job.

If the above is true ? then it beggars belief :roll: :cry: :roll: