Craig Dickenson: 'It was a big one for a lot of reasons'

You are 1-4 vs your most important opponents. That is nothing to boast about sir

Where was the boast? Equally, where is your answer?

It's very simple.

Who won last night, not the season but last night?
Who was the better team last night, not the season but last night?
Who was the better QB last night, not the season but last night?

That's all that I ask.

Fine you were better last night..congratulations... but last night wasn't the end all be all nor does it necessarily indicate what will happen come post season

I agree. It is not. See you in the semi. If it's anything like these last three games it will be a dandy. :slight_smile:

Breakdown of your 17 Riders on 6 game injured

If they haven’t played or played less than 5 games (new to CFL) they are not starters

Starters are players taking or potentially taking a designated position during games

Rider’s Potential Designated Starters
Williams-Lambert, Jordan, Receiver, Edem, Mike S, Onyeka, Godfrey DB

Haven’t played at all in 2021 (Can’t be designated starters if never on the field)

Bishop III, Freddie DL, Dean, Larry LB (only played for Edm in 2019), Dethier, Vincent DB, Femi-Cole, Jonathan RB, Johnson Jr., Gary LB, Lokombo, Nelson DB, Reaves, Jordan DL (Hasn’t played since 2018), Vaughn, Terran OL(Hasn’t played since 2019), Williams, Tim DL

Played 5 games or less in 2021 (Backup players or fill ins) 1st year players in CFL

Campbell, Christian DB, Gates, DeMarquis LB, Harris, Nigel LB, Marino, Garrett DL,

So to counter your greatly exaggerated statement 1 Receiver, 1 Safety & 1 DB are the only starters are on Rider’s 6 game injured list.

Oops there goes your excuses, eh?

Players on 6 game don’t count against the Cap so much for your depth & culture

Any team can sign lots of players that don’t count against the Cap. The trick is to

Sign players that can contribute to team performance. These don’t contribute at all

Actually quite stupid to sign all these worn out non-contributors

What??? That's a ridiculous way to measure. Not only do we have starters out, but in some positions the starters backups and the backups backups injured.

-Gary Johnson Jr. was slated to start.
-Marino played less than five games because he was injured in the 4th game. He was an absolute stud upfront until his injury.
-Blace Brown has started pretty well the whole year.
-Add Shaq Evans, one of the best deep threats in the league last year, broke a foot in week 2.

And there 17 players on the IR meaning we are digging really deep into the PR to bring in talent. Yet still sit comfortably in second place.

Gary Johnson DID start before injury.

Bishop and Dean were signed to start at rush end and mack. They ARE starters. To argue that they are not since they haven't played is to say that for the first 3 games Winnipeg wasn't missing their starter and MoP candidate Andrew Harris yet.

Garrett Marino is a starter. He started every game until his injury in the banjo bowl. To say that he is not a starter because he only played 5 games is the same as saying that Calgary was not missing starter Bo Levi when he broke his leg in week 2.

If the Riders were making excuses of all of their injured starters, they would not be in 2nd place at 6-4, 1 1/2 games up. Injuries happen to everybody. Hamilton has had tons too, and Ottawa. Sask has been hit hard with injuries but I suppose they have been fortunate that their QB is still standing up (touch wood). Other than that, their depth is strong and kept them north of the .500 mark.

lol very true ...I don't know if my heart can withstand another close one

OK so Stamps had a bad game but the Riders (although they got the "W" didn't play all that well either. Especially after a bye week. Yes in the CFL any team can win A GAME but ....
Who was the better QB, not last night, but in the 2 back to back games (Oct 2 &9)?
Who was the better team, not last night, but in the two back to back games(Oct 2 &9)?
Who has the series this year?
Hint: it wasn't the Riders in any of those questions
Why do these questions matter so much? Answer: Because LUCKY ONCE BUT NOT TWICE IN A ROW
So Ok the Riders got the "W" , yes last night but how they perform in the Semi-western finals is more important . So don't start planning a parade because the Riders might not have "Lady Luck" that day.
But even more important is the Team that hoists the Cup. And very, very unlikely the Riders will meet that challenge this season. After the supreme beating Winnipeg laid on the Riders in another back to back series. (labour Day & Banjo Bowl)
Suggest you enjoy the high now, because it doesn't last.

Ok, Riders aren't very good, only lucky.

Was it pure skill that Bo threw 6 picks in thiose 3 games and Fajardo just 2?

I suppose that it was Calgary's pure skill that their entire offense did jack squat for the final 55 minutes of the first win, 9 pts and less than 300 yards. Sask's defense and coaching adjustments had nothing to do with that. The first 5 mins was pure skill and the last 55 was just luck. I get it. :wink:

Similar story in game 2 in Regina. That first TD on the opening play was pure skill and the subsequent shutdown of the Stamps passing game was just dumb Rider luck. Gotcha. :wink:

The fact that Sask can execute 3 straight onside kicks and Calgary can't pull off one is all just luck. You told me. :wink:

It could never be that these are 2 evenly matched teams and that you win some, you lose some and sometimes the ball bounces your way and sometimes it doesn't. No, it could never be that. :wink:

I look forward to the Riders Week 13 match-up on the road versus the Als. The Als will be looking to extend their winning streak to :five: :question: The key to their success is stopping this man in the photo. :bangbang:

Exactly how old are you? Seems not old enough to read and understand the point written. You and GreenAnd White kept saying Stamps were lucky in 1st two games. I responded and I quote "Yes in the CFL any team can win A GAME but ...." Operative word "A GAME" Then I went on to state But the Stamps won 2 in a row.
Last night's game and the other two Sask vs Stamps were exciting. Stamps won the 1st 2 and Sask won last night. So bloody what?
Here I will Quote again "Yes in the CFL any team can win A GAME "
Despite Mitchell throwing as you stated "6 picks" Stamps still won 2 of those games. Luck on Stamps part? Or maybe talent despite the give a ways? 4 Give a ways last game by Bo, means luck on Riders part as all three picks were under thrown by Mitchell. They were not Spectactular interceptions but thrown right to Defence. The turn over on downs was talent on Rider defence. Stamps as you pointed out didn't get more than 2 picks. Yet Won 2 games. Obviously Talent to win without those excessive picks. That last game was 3 points. Another 20 seconds and game might have been tied. (operative word "Might have") Game 1 was 6 points and game 2 was 3 points. So what. All totally meaningless if neither team don't get to the GC.
And as I stated Rider's chance of that is very low. They have to get past Stamps then Bombers. But hey keep the faith. Just Don't fly off the handle with the braging ! It was after all only 1 game out of 3

Where was I bragging?

I'm merely trying to learn from the master of talent vs luck. I think I'm getting it now. If Sask intercepts Bo they are lucky that Bo f'd up. Bo f'ing up much more than Fajardo means that he is still a better QB than Cody. Cody is still less talented and just lucky. The Riders secondary is not very talented, merely lucky that Bo giftwraps turnovers.

Calgary might have been lucky to win the first game, but winning the second game proves that BOTH games were indeed won with talent skill and merit. On the other hand, since Sask won only one game, it was pure luck. I think I got it.

So should they meet in the west semi, which they appear to be in a collision course for, should either team win it would probably be just luck since it is a single game knockout and not a back-to-back situation (which would be required to disprove any luck).

So shall we play football or should we just flip a coin and save some injuries?

Do I have it right, sensei?

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TLDR: Promise you this, the Stamps, at 5-6, are not scared of the Riders or the Bombers. If anything, you know deep in your stomach, they can easily knock off both teams. The Bombers awesome team beat the Stamps once, by 2 points in a game that was completely out of their hands: 100% luck they won - Parades doesn't miss many. As for the Riders, three games, Stamps won twice. Are my facts wrong? Be very worried. We're not.

Man, those Stamps are the most unlucky team ever. :wink:

All 3 games between Calgary and Sk were exciting, great effort, great plays, full of mistakes and kept me watching to the very end. The most boring team in the CFL is the Bombers. They play near error free football. Very predictable. No team in the CFL "right now" has a hope of winning against them......unless of course they come out and by some miracle have a bad night (near impossible). Since the playoff is a loose and your out anything can happen. All this rah rah for the Riders against the Stamps and vice versa is nonsense. If one of these teams does not beat the Bombers its a lot of white noise. Neither the front lines for Sk or Calgary can handle the front 7 in Winnipeg right now and unless that changes the Grey cup will stay in Winnipeg. What the heck...they waited nearly 30 years, maybe being champs for 2 years is in order. The Bomber defence reminds me of the EE defence of the 80's. That said, the 89 Esks at 16-2 did not make it to the Grey Cup.