Craig Dickenson: 'It was a big one for a lot of reasons'

CALGARY —  For the first time in his career, Craig Dickenson bested his younger brother and Calgary Stampeders coach, Dave Dickenson, in the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ 20-17 win.

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Stumps fans had lots to say on here before the game so this one looks good on you Mr. Ed etal. Truth is you were blind lucky to win the first two games and the score in this one flattered you. Remember, win first then yap. Now you can go chirp at Ottawa fans, surely even your team can beat them.

'Super Saturday' was a bit of a fizzle with 2 blowouts, but at least this was a good close game.

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Big game for the Riders, good on them. Have to think that they are now in good position to host the Western Final.
And in the East, looking at the schedule would think Toronto has a great opportunity to finish on top but should be a good battle for second.
As for Winnipeg, can only hope (as a Bomber fan) that they don't come out flat when it matters most.

Great win by Riders, was best game of the week, happy for Cody and Coach. Maas tried his best to lose game once we got to 20. I don't believe a pass was even attempted past that point , we ran ball 2 and out, kept giving Stamps another chance. Btw Maas yelling at Cody was not pretty, like Maas never had a time count against him in his mediocre career

…if one person causes you this much grief perhaps pre-game forums aren’t your cup of tea..

So maybe Craig will now get to sit at the adult table this Christmas

so when Calgary wins a close one they are lucky, when the riders do , the score flattered the Stamps?? here are some facts : we beat you 2 in a row, that is not luck,,,, you had a bye and 2 weeks to prepare for the Stamps....... the riders have played 12 straight quarters Vs the Stamps and have only lead for 1 and a half of those quarters. That is 19 (rounded up) of 180 minutes

Fine. Stamps rule all. Riders suck hard. Why bother even playing the games? :roll_eyes:

Did I say that? Why are so many of you so triggered by everything Stampeder? These 2 teams are very likely headed to for the ultimate showdown on November 28- probably at Mosaic. I would expect it to be close again. You presented a silly statement that the Stamps only won on "blind luck" and presented you with actual facts that would suggest otherwise.

The Stamps are lucky they caught a three game series against a team with 17 players on the six game.

The Riders are getting healthy at the right time. I wouldn't sleep on them moving forward

All teams have had injury issues.. that's a poor excuse...... but seeing you use it so will I... you only won the the 2013 western final because the Stamps lost 3 starters in the final game of the season.

Yes but 17 on the 6 game? They almost have a full offense and defense on there

I am a Rider fan but I think you mean the West Semifinal. The Final has already been determined to be in Winnipeg.

1st of all: injuries are a part of CFL fotball! Why do you think the teams have so many players signed. 2nd: The majority of those 17 on 6 game are back up or spare players not starters. Be civilized and accept that the Riders won gracefully instead of dreaming up excuses for why they lost previously. Especially when it is BS excuses. Come Nov Stamps and Riders will meet again what excuse you going to use if the Riders lose that match???

Blind Lucky eh? Sure looks like the Riders barely scraped by on this game by 3 measly points. I suppose the last 2 years the Stamps were blind lucky to have beat the Riders every game but this one, EH ? Give your head a shake and face the facts. If anyone was blind lucky it would be the riders who were this past game, when Mitchell under threw 3 passes that went for an interception. But hey out of those 3 only one went for points. (Final win by 3 measly points) Calgary's win by 6 points 1st game & 3 points 2nd game. Question is can the Riders get a win against back to back Elks. A team in the basement with a Back up QB ? Most likely if the Rider's luck holds up, eh? After all a win is all about luck , according to you, right?

No excuses at all.

Three starting DBs are on that list. One starting defensive lineman. A handful of linebackers. Up until recently two starting recievers.

And the Riders still manage to be comfortably in position to host a playoff game. Speaks volumes about our depth and culture

I would agree that the Riders were fortunate that Bo made those glaring errors, however, the Riders QB didn't make those glaring errors. The Riders were also able to capitalize and score points off some of those errors. Calgary also forced 2 turnovers in the first quarter - I won't antagonize you by saying that Calgary was fortunate for Sask errors, (let's just say that Sask put the ball on the ground on a funky exchanged untouched by defenders just because Calgary is that damn good :wink: ) but Calgary could only muster 3 points from those 2 early turnovers. They failed to capitalize. We might also say that the Riders defense had nothing to do with Calgary's failure to capitalize early and leave Sask in the game and allow them to come back for a 10 pt lead and leave Bo scrambling to come back.

Sask might end up with a better record than Calgary by the end of the season but we'll just play that west semi at McMahon anyways because we all know that they're still the better TEAM. We won't penalize them for just being unlucky. :wink:

Fagardo didnt make those errors because the offense isnt sopisticated enough for him to make them because he isnt as skilled as Bo Levi. Thats why the good teams in this league are beating the Riders so often

So who won last night again?