CPL Video game?

Thought this was kind of interesting. I don’t know much about the technology and maybe they are just piggybacking off some existing software. Still, you would think they could come up with something similar for the CFL.

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Problem being any existing football software would be NFL or US college rules.


True. I know this has been kicked around in the main forum. Still thought it was interesting - the CPL must have put some type of funding towards this

Football Manager has many, many leagues (one source says 123 leagues for this year), and one of that game's selling points is its thoroughness when it comes to soccer players and teams. The reason it can do that is that soccer is universal, with the same rules for every league. Adding the CPL would have been (almost) as simple as adding any 8 teams in the world.

If the CFL and NFL shared a field size and a ruleset, EA Sports would have added CFL teams to Madden decades ago (they had NFL Europe teams in the game in Madden 08, and probably earlier Madden games that I don't have)

There is an existing Canadian rules football game, Doug Flutie's Maximum Football. A new studio took over the franchise after the 2020 version, and neither the old studio nor the new one have a CFL license so they can't use real teams or players.


Would it really be that difficult for Madden to draw a larger rectangle in a video game and adda few more lines of code for CFL rules?

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Well - Football Manager isn't a sports sim, it's a management sim. They're very different genres.

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Yes, it would be very difficult.... it's not "a few lines of code".


Hi Sully
Forgive my ignorance as I know very little about the gaming industry and it sounds like you were involved with the CFL when they were looking into the video game market. Wouldn’t a management sim be easier to attempt than a full blown add-on to say Madden re CFL game play? Judging from the level of fan discussion here I would think a lot of us old fogie fans wouldn’t mind a crack at being virtual CFL GM’s. If there is a market for a CAnadian soccer sim for old and young fans alike, there must be one for the CFL.

It would definitely be an easier thing to build, you're right about that! But these games are almost exclusively for the soccer market (with literally hundreds of leagues / thousands of teams out there it makes sense). If there's a gridiron football version of the game I would agree that the CFL should give them a call and get themselves included in that product, or even whitelabel it as "CFL Football Manager" as a standalone product.

The thing is though: Is it worth it? If it sells for $20 and you sell a few thousand copies, at best it breaks even. The thing that people really want - the thing that maybe brings in young fans - is that arcade/game sim game. I think I'd argue if I was still employed by the league that this is a distraction.