Cpl Cirillo Procession

Latest tweet from the Canadian Armed Forces has the procession eventually driving on the QEW east to the Red Hill Expressway exit, turning west on King St.

So it appears they will be entering Hamilton from the east end rather than Main St as has been reported.

Those interested will need to follow early evening updates.

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/hamilton/news/ottawa-shooting-cpl-nathan-cirillo-s-body-en-route-to-hamilton-1.2811549]http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/hamilton/ ... -1.2811549[/url]

It has the procession scheduale, are you sure it's the east end, and not Main St?

That seems to be the problem :frowning:

Some sources (OPP, various media outlets) claim the route is thru the west end and the Main St exit while the Canadian Forces tweet had the full route listed and said it was the Red Hill Expressway exit, to King St and west on King St.

The funeral home for visitation (Sun 6-9pm and Monday 9am-9pm) has been reported to be Markey-Dermody on King St just east of Kenilworth. Funeral service Tuesday at 12 noon at Christ Church Cathedral on James St N.

Since the OPP may be the ones in final control of the procession, it may well be the west end and Main St. Have to check media later today to find out actual route.

I believe the route is 401 to 404 to 407 to 403 exiting main st at dundurn and ending on main at gage. I've seen this reported by multiple outets including Hamilton Police

I would probably go with what the police say (OPP and Hamilton) and look for the west end and Main St exit.

Estimated arrival time in Hamilton last time I heard was between 7 and 7:30pm but with traffic the way it is, that could change too.

I was just watching the news and drivers along the 417 pulled off and stood outside their cars as the procession went by.
A great tribute :thup:

it'll be difficult for rush hour traffic to get over to make way as they make through Toronto. its a parking lot at this time
edit just saw they were taking 407.

Heard they are passing Bronte Road on QEW at 6 pm. That will give a sense of time for procession.

A hero comes home to Hamilton. Not sure where this picture was taken - but what an incredible scene.


I would gladly contribute to a full size full dress statue erected where he was murdered.

Thanks Bobo Great Picture,

Nathan Cirillo Stood on Guard for Thee, A young man from Hamilton who made every Canadian Proud and showed the World what a Great Country Canada is!!

Long Live the Memory of Corp Nathan Cirillo of the Canadian Armed Forces and all those who put their lives on the line for us
everyday so that we may live in freedom!!

I took this impromptu video as the motorcade with Cpl Nathan Cirillo's body passed by near my home last night on the way to the funeral home in Hamilton. Sorry for the enlongated format.


That's the 416 just outside of Ottawa








Great Pics Grover,very moving and emotional,nice tribute to one of our own. :cry:

Just a thought or an Idea !? Ticats could wear Argyles of Canada sticker on Helmet or patch on our jerseys for support ,honour and a tribute I bet the CFL would ok it :thup:

every team in the league is wearing canadian forces stickers on their helmet this week

What a moving 3 arena ceremony tonight to honour Nathan and Patrice. I've never seen a multiple arena simultaneous minutes silence and then chills as the crowd in all three arenas - Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto - together sang O Canada. Another ceremony to be proud of.


Thank you for the link to the video, Pat.

The standing ovation as the soldiers left the ice was a very emotional moment.

Hats off to the people of Ottawa. Two wonderful tributes (CFL and NHL) to two fine men.