CP site approved


AKT, wasn't the vote just to look further into the proposal and report back by Sept 30. Also, do you know, did they officially take the WH of the table? Noticed the M&M's were the only ones opposed again.

It has to be out forward as THE site to HOSTCO. Thats what was done with the provisos that you mentioned. I may have missed a WH option but I didn't hear one

What a mess. This Council couldn't organize a one car funeral procession. The best site for the stadium is Confederation Park, but Chad Collins decided it was 'green space' so they never considered it. One of the worst locations was the Rheem Factory, but Mayor Fred for reasons still unknown got fixated on it. A mediator came up with East Mountain but that got unpopular very quickly. Mac decided against losing the MIP so thankfully CR Rail comes along with a better solution. If Council was a business they'd be bankrupt by now.

Another council vote is required if HOSTCO grants the extension.....

I'm missing something here???

Is it Confederation Park or the Railway yards at Longwood and Aberdeen????

Remediation of the CP lands is estimated at 3 x the cost of remediation the West Harbour as per Chris Murray

Moving existing business's away from the CP lands could be in the 10's of millions as per Chris Murray

most councillors seem to be ready to pull the plug on the whole thing........especially since the Feds said no to any additional funding today......

The railway yards.

Council voted to study the CPR site. That's all.

Now we wait for the results of that study.

Is that why they voted 13-2 in favour of it?

yep, that's how council ended today.........and amendment was passed that staff do no more work until they get signed commitments for cash

as far as the Gov't ..............from the Ministers and not anyone below them

by the 30th

Council voted to study the site.

[url=http://www.thespec.com/news/elections/article/255742--council-votes-to-study-rail-yard-stadium-site]http://www.thespec.com/news/elections/a ... adium-site[/url]

They are studying the new site because the one they voted on won't work. Why do you continue to support a location that would cause the Tiger Cats' demise?

And most om council think it's going to fail right away......and they said so in no uncertain terms

Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too expensive

Don’t be such a bite in the a**. The government will come through with some extra money. Remember, David Braley, who is a senator, has some pull.

And the private sector can also be lobbied for money. That process hasn’t even begun yet. There are untapped millions there. How often does a new stadium get built in a city? Local businesses will all want their company names to be associated with the building of this stadium.

one of these day Hesco is going to say NO to more time..

It could be soon

By the way, Fred acts like a spoiled little baby in council meetings...........very confrontational and quick to temper

Perhaps he missed his Ritalin dose today?

If you simply change "council meetings" to Ticat forums you could easily be mistaken for talking about yourself.

The city still needs $50,000,000.00 to build a 25,000.00 seat stadium ..... I don't like our chances .... if we lived in Quebec - no problem get then French votes............