COY award today!

Coach of the year award today, all very deserving candidates.That being said, good luck MB!

It will be Trestman who wins it

If it was down to a fan poll, Ken Miller would win it :lol:
Even if Miller lead the Rider's to an 0-18 record they'd still want him nominated as COY

BINGO ! (confirmed by TSN)

I agree with the choice. There really wasn't any other choice IMO

I am glad we did get the Award IMO it is Cursed..


John Huffnagel seems to be doing fine since winning it... :roll:

Most curses tend to have plenty of holes in them. :slight_smile:

How long before an Als fan starts trolling this thread? The usual suspect is late on this one. really cant win here...

Firstly my thoughts on COY were posted in another thread weeks ago.

I see no need to crow that I was right. That would be trolling I guess.

Trestman is a fine coach who was certainly deserving of the award. There were points to be made for the two other candidates.

In the end nothing matters from 2009. As of July 1, there is an eight way tie, and all teams players and coaches are playing on a level field.

Trust me you are not a troll. Some people here don't believe anyone outside Hamilton has the intelligence to debate a rock. They are are oddly enough the ones with some of the most incoherent posts