Cowtown in town

...And unlike Chris Shultz and his prediction for this week....I'm going with the REAL hometown and this guy... I can't believe Shultz anymore :lol: ......

Schultz hasn't picked us yet this season and we are 2-0. I hope the trend continues. 8)

I guess we should be tolerant of players who have been hit too many times. But then these should not be center stage making fools of themselves...

Shultz is a grade A jackass :roll:

Stamps by 30.

I don't see anything special about this game.Calgary has a great O which will be countered by a great D.Winnipeg has a weak O countered by a weak D.Could be quite the barn burner 8)

We dont have a weak O my the game tonight, than come back on here. I'm sure you will have the excuses ready. :roll:

How do you not have a weak O?Game 1 was all defense for you and same with game 2.If you didn't have as good of a D as you guys did you would be 0-2 not 2-0.How many offensive TD's this year?
That's not to say things won't change, but I don't think this is the week.

On paper, it's not weak. So far on the field, it's been weak. I can't blame anyone for thinking that.

It has been missing a few starting receivers, in Game 1, there were a few bad drops and in Game 2, Pierce was average. But the bottom line is, it hasn't produced. Still, there is too much talent on this offense to keep struggling like this, I think.. now, against a weaker defense, is as good a time as any.

Thank you, you’ve pretty much summed it up for me.I’m just predicting this isn’t the week is all.

...Defence gave another stellar performance tonight....too bad the offence is not doing the same...Although there were some nice runs and a couple of nice strikes thrown by Pierce the offence is sputtering....Can't really blame Palardy on the last field -goal that could have won it...the wind did us in....Close but no cigar....I'm afraid there has to be some serious offensive changes or this team will flounder...Next up T.O. :roll:

Is it just me or does TJ Harris absolutely suck this year? Drop drop drop fumble.. hang on to the ball for crying out loud! Didn't really look like the fumble was his fault at all, but he just has seemed to have issues keeping the ball in his hands.

Offense definitely has to be much better. Defense is brilliant and a ton of fun to watch. They don't play the games on paper and right now, on the field, this offense sucks. If that can change, we've got a heck of a team here.

Defense - great game again, and that's an understatement, they deserved a better outcome. Couldn't pick out anyone on that side of the ball that didn't play well today.

TJH has had his struggles this year. He seemed to get quite a few looks tonite but ended up with 5 catches 28 yards and 1fumble on the stat sheet, not good at all. I don't recall how consistent he played last year because all I can seem to remember are those long catch and runs he had which would've overshadowed a few drops here and there. They haven't been able to get him in open space like they did last year and it seems to me like he's being asked to chip in with blocks on blitzes more often than I seem to remember. His added bulk this year may be affecting him some too. He took a hell of a shot on that late fumble though and to his credit he got back up and tried to chase the ball down, a lot of guys would've stayed down.

The whole offence looks like its struggling to figure out what its doing this year, which is strange considering they have the same guy calling the plays (LaPo) and the same OC (Baressi), but their start this year is a step back from the first couple games last year. Is it me or are they running a lot of slant/curl in pattens into the middle of the field for 5-10 yards this season so far. Wonder if that's the coaches trying to get the ball outta pierces hands quickly on a regular basis so he takes fewer hits. Certainly didn't work today as he took several hard late hits and paid for it. I'm still not impressed with LaPo's playcalling overall, still feels like a vanilla preseason type offense to me. But there were some positives. Reid was vintage, consistently got good yardage. Watson had a nice game. Hargreaves got involved in the offense some.

...I don't know if the play calling is bad or is it the execution...Receivers have to hold on to the ball in critical situations...I think if i were calling a receiver to make that clutch grab at the end it would've been Denmark or Watson....Harris is having problems....He carries the ball like a loaf of bread just out of the oven...(only one guy i ever saw in the CFL that could ever do that was Leo Lewis....he could wrap his hands totally around the ball with his big mitts) But I digress....I would consider sitting TJ. until he gets that nfl crap out of his head....Message to walk before you run and right now you're playing in the CFL ...better start getting it right or you'll be riding the pine...I hope Carr gets better in a hurry (seems he's almost ready) orrrrrr ..whatever happened to Sherman :roll: ???...The play calling has left me wondering sometimes...What's wrong with a screen to Freddie...he's got good hands...In any case this offence needs BIG work...I don't know how the offence can look the D guys in the face and not get embarrassed...seems like two different clubs...Anyway we have to put that tough loss behind us...can't dwell on the negative...Practise should include some new offensive looks this week......Time for some EXTRA tweaking :wink:

Hopefully Carr is ready to go next week and if TJH doesn't step up his game he can be replaced by Denmark. On another note Hargreaves made some clutch catches at the end there, guy gets no love. Watson also with a big game.
Joey Elliot got some good experience there, he will only get better. I think he rushed some throws when he had time, he just needs to settle down.
There were a bunch of plays that would have won this game for us, this was as close as you could get. Focus on TO now.

With Harris I do wonder if some of the problem is his added muscle bulk. Adrian Peterson did an upper body bulk up after his rookie season and he had more trouble holding onto the ball and his fumble totals doubled. Sometimes when you put on that extra muscle you need to relearn how to secure the ball tightly as the muscle memory changes. But some of that is him not securing the ball right away and thinking of how to get those YACs, maybe he's too caught up in what he did last year and/or is too focused on trying to make big plays to get on a highlight reel and get that NFL recognition rather than just securing the ball.

As for Freddie, he's way underutilized, I agree. Guy has great drive, probably one of the most underrated back in the league when you consider all the press Cobourne, boyd, cates, reynolds/cornish get. Screens, shovel passes, and pitch outs are all plays that are way to rare for Freddie in this offense and I for one would like to see more of those, keep defenses honest and hurt the defenses that are coming so hard at buck. That said, I would also like to see Volny start getting the ball some as well. By all accounts he was a good runner and receiver in college and could be valuable in helping keep Freddie fresher for the 4th quarter and healthier as the season goes on.

Some at the beginning of the game as well. Hargreaves has a lot to prove - he hasn't really done anything to earn the love. Watson is the real deal but he needs to be kept at slot rather than WR.

Another great performance by the defence. The offence was looking better during the first half than it did in the past couple of games. Elliott looked pretty good for the most part - he had a couple of drops by receivers that hurt too.

The FP had an update on Buck - he thinks he'll be ready to go against the Argos. The players have 3 days off before practicing again and he's going to be getting treatments on the quad during that time.

You guys gave the game away.

The Bombers may have turned the ball over and left points on the field but the Stamps didn't quit and pulled out a win. Nobody ever 'hands' anyone anything.