cowboys resign kicker

Suisham rejoins Cowboys

The Associated Press

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Dallas Cowboys released inconsistent kicker Billy Cundiff yesterday, the team's fourth change at the position since training camp. The Cowboys re-signed rookie Sean Suisham, who didn't miss a field goal or convert in two games, but was cut when the team brought back Cundiff on Nov. 19. Suisham, a Canadian whose CFL rights belong to the Ottawa Renegades, was first signed after Dallas released Jose Cortez. Cundiff, who was released in training camp when he injured his leg, was 5-for-8 since returning to the Cowboys.

See- another gem slips through our fingers!
JJ, Gregg - make sure we've got some quality kicking the ball come June!

Sean Suisham signing with the Cowboys doesn't really mean that the Rengades have let him slip away, with his CFL rights firmly with Ottawa now and until his NFL adventure runs it's course.

That could be a long range deal with Suisham eventually returning home to the CFL once his options have run out south of the border.

Certainly the draft strategy at the time would have forseen Sean going this route like several other players currentl in the NFL who could all figure in to the Renegades plans for the future. A healthy investment of cashed away talent getting great football experience, which could all add up to a very powerful team one day.

I agree that he was a good draft and will help in the future. He has been dropped so many times that by the time training camp ends in the NFL he could be available to us. We need to get kicking help in the mean time. Are we going to sign Kellet? He did a good job when he was healthy

I really believe we need some size at receiver, an O line that can at least block my grandmother and a kicker that sees. I have 100% trust in Jenkins he is all over the states holding tryout camps now, I believe he will find us good talent.

Suisham blew some FG tries in Dallas' last game--I think they will still look for another kicker in the draft --if they get that guy--Suisham will be dropped or at least later on in training camp..


I think you are bang on, I know they will be looking, lets hope there is something available.