apparently ..Higgins is not so sure he will relinquish head coaching duties in Calgary and head upstairs in the organization according to Calgary press...the situation for 06' ...was that Tom Higgins would turn the head coaching duties over to Creehan...but Tom says that was never etched in Mr. Creehan is just a little miffed and will probably go for an interview in Wpg.....Burrato has also stated that he would sit down and talk with Brendan Taman....what is it with these two clubs....alot of player movement between the two and now it appears to be spreading to the coaching ranks....c'mon over to the Peg.....Burrato or Creehan... we'd love to have ya... those coaching changes are breaking up those ol pals of mine.. title song in the CFL. coaching ranks.... :!:

We are talking abou the HC for Ottawa here?

....I dont' know what the press has been feeding you guys in winnipeg but there was never any question about Higgins returning as the Head Coach next year......Barker is the GM and he's not going anywhere I won't go so far as to say that Steve B and Denny C are a lock to return next year as OC and DC resepctively but here's what they've been told by Higgins and Barker.....

........go and look, go and see, go and talk......

......if you come back you'll be offered the chance to lead a proven commodity with strong ownership and be part of a transition to higher coaching ranks over time...........if you decide to stay in winnipeg, well, good luck, but understand this: If the bombers do not improve, quickly, the board there is going to act, quickly. While it would be unfair to can the coach right away it will be Taman who's head is on the chopping block. So a new GM comes in and guess what? His position is relatively safe now, but it's the Head Coach who is under the magnifying glass, a Head Coach this new GM had no part in hiring, get the picture?

.......all this is of course speculative, but makes for interesting talks eh?....

If Montreal Loses, Mathews might poke his head in Winnipeg and bring whatever assistants he wants.

that's good news! :wink:

I was under the impression Creehan would be the head coach
next yr. I actually asked Ted about it a month or two ago at
gsg and he said those things would be taken care of after the season.

He never shot it down, so i think theres something to it.

Steve Burrato is one of my favourite O-Coordinators in the league and I would LOVE to see him or Kent Austin on the Rider sidelines next year. Too bad it likely won't happen...

Wait wait wait. You want Kent Austin on the Rider sidelines as an OC? You want the Riders to suck more next year than they did this season? (if saskargo wasn't gonna say it, someone had to)

Sure, the Argos finished first in the east, but Allen was the one who was pulling the team. Some of us Argo fans were calling for Austin's head on the chopping block when the offence was holding a casting call for "Fumble-palooza". Will Austin go by the end of the year? Probably. But I really can't see him as a fit for the Riders, unless they were REALLY desperate.

....Higgins stated in the press today.........there was always a short and long term plan as far as coaching the Stamps....nothing etched in stone as far as Creehan taking over the head coaching job...Creehan says HE HAS GOT IN WRITING...BLACK AND WHITE...that he was to take over in 06....somebody ain't telling the truth....seems like some bad rifts are starting to form in Cowtown....but anyway the Bombers have permission to talk to Burrato and Creehan next week...seems they are both showing up for an interview....I'd take either one of these quality guys in a heartbeat... :slight_smile:

I dont know if i'd go so far as calling it bad riffs.

These guys havent even begun to deal with the issues yet.

We are really desperate.

Who , on the Calgary coaching staff made the call early in the thrd quarter on seond and 1 to play action pass rather than run the clock further down and try to run for the first down = two tries to get it . If it was Burrato he deserves to be sent to his room wothout supper!! Use the clock when you are ahead and don't risk giving the other team momentum by gambling on thrid down when you have the lead!!! 'To me, that series turned the game around. It gave Edmonton hope and their spirits rose!!! Ain't it great being an armchair quarterback cuz we are never wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CFL Rules

What newspaper was that in that is not what is in the news here! Also a Winnipeg reporter was on 960 in the morning stated that Taman and company have not even started to think where they are going. The porblem is who ever takes that job will be fired at the end of next year that is for sure. Taman is a loser and the Bombers will be too until he is gone.

Tue, November 15, 2005
Higgins hopes his staff staysBuratto, Barker content in Calgary


After three seasons of upheaval at McMahon Stadium, fans can expect a lot of familiar faces when the Calgary Stampeders' 2006 season kicks off next June.

The biggest question marks involve the coaching staff.

Will Tom Higgins, head coach and senior v.p. of football operations, drop the coaching role in the off-season?

Will offensive co-ordinator Steve Buratto, defensive mastermind Denny Creehan and/or GM Jim Barker return? All have been mentioned as possible candidates for work in Winnipeg and Ottawa.

"This can be a team to be reckoned with if we can keep it together," Higgins said yesterday, one day after his team lost 33-26 to Edmonton in the West semifinal.

"We haven't started talking yet on what's going to happen (with coaches). There is in our minds a three-, a five- and a 10-year plan and we never really determined the speed of that to occur. You really can't make those decisions within 24 hours of playing a football game.

"You have to sit back and reflect and I'd like to have the opportunity to talk to the executive committee, the owners who are here and see what their wishes are and see where we are and what's the best route for this football team."

As of yesterday, no other teams had asked for permission to talk to Stamps staff, whose contracts won't expire until early in the new year.

When Creehan, who doubles as assistant head coach, re-signed with the new Stampeders regime last winter, he was mentioned as a potential candidate to eventually assume the head coaching duties.

"It's a great compliment other people are looking at our coaching staff," Higgins said. "But I have full confidence we will do everything in our power (to keep them)."

President Ted Hellard has stated his commitment to keeping the current coaching staff intact for '06.

Buratto said he has not been contacted by Winnipeg president Lyle Bauer or GM Brendan Taman and is content with his role in Calgary.

"I would be perfectly happy staying here and seeing how far we can go," he said yesterday.

"It's a lot more fun when you go into training camp with people who understand what you're trying to do instead of having to start at the bottom. I've been through that three or four times before."

The Stamps have two players -- non-imports Wes Lysack (safety) and Mike Juhasz (receiver) -- on track to become free agents Feb. 16.

Calgary could use more speed at wide receiver and additional Canadian depth. The team has already expressed its intentions to be aggressive when free agency begins Feb. 16.

"We have to get better, we're not good enough," said Barker, who said he intends to stay with the Stamps.

One thing about Burrato & Creehan..THEY ADJUST in game and not at half time..they were a hugh reason for Calgarys turnaround... with so many coaching positions open I can see these guys HCing somewhere in the CFL

......apparently there is a scheduled press conference tomorrow where Ted Hellard will announce a restructured football operations staff chart.......perhaps Higgins is dropping the HC title and just running with VP Football Operations..........Creehan steps up to HC?.........stay tuned.......

redwhite...................WINNIPEG FREE PRESS.....states Burratto and Creehan have been given permission to talk to the Wiinipeg Blue Bombers....also Brendan Taman has slated both for an interview next week....also said the Calgary football opertation is o.k. with people moving on...if that's their choice.....if Higgins dosen't relinquish the head coaching position....look for a very digruntled Creehan. to surely be moving on.....only read what the media is suggesting....and those look to be the facts my friend... :arrow:

......all those things are true......

Yes they are true but if you read the Calgary Sun today I would not book those flights. Besides again these two guys do they really need a job with Taman ha ha ha It is like applying for the rubber duck job in a shooting range.

......I think the Stampeders will do what is necessary to keep Denny and Steve happy, but you can't prevent someone from jumping ship to what they perceive to be greener pastures.......

For sure but I do not like to see these two guys get screwed over by Taman like Daley did. If either wnat the job I wish eithr of them the best of luck and they will need it.