Cowboy Altitude Experiences A CFL Game

Just to counterbalance the "perspective" of that other guy, I figured I'd post an "article" from an American who came up to see a game for himself, and actually had a good time :smiley:

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Cool read. Thanks for that!

Now here's a guy who doesn't have an inferiority complex, unlike the other writer. Hmm, now haven't I heard inferiority complex talk before about Canadians? :wink:

Yes, this was really good. Makes me smile when I feel we have a few converts (pardon the pun!) :slight_smile:

You are obviously not Bill Belichick, then. :wink:

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Once we checked out the team store it was easy to tell that we were in Canada. Since they are hosting the Grey Cup you commemorate that with a football jersey, right? Wrong, of course it must be a hockey jersey (pictured below).
always wonder about this myself

great read, thanks :slight_smile: