Cowardly Bomber Fan Dumps Beer On Child

Disgusting story from this weeks game in Winnipeg where a nine year old child was taunted by Bomber Fan and then had beer dumped on him.

All because the boy was wearing a green sweater over his Bombers shirt.

It was the first CFL game the boy had been at with his mother. This is how NOT to attract a younger generation of fans.

This is one of the most disgusting things I've heard in a long while. What kind of a cowardly puss goes after a child like that?

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No excuse for this type of repugnant behaviour - other than many cowardly bomber fans tend to operate in packs - and when they inhale a couple beers they’re 3 sheets to the wind.
Would like to pass kudos to Wadzilla and staff as he sent a basket of stuff to the kid and his family plus ducats for an upcoming game. I’m not so sure a 9 yr old kid wouldn’t be traumatized by the near-violent act of the monsters who perped him. Might be a good idea to press charges and tie up that piece of vermin in a court for an hour or so - before he gets his proverbial slap on the wrist. That kind of vermin should be banned from IGF facility for at least 1 season. But Wad will do everything to keep fans coming - whether it be drunks, ringos, incompetents, vermin, loudmouths, hailers, bailers and pukes! :cowboy:

51 unfortunate, but this is such a non story. This isn't the first time something like this has happened in the league any league, and it won't be the last. There are Donkeys in the world, it happens. No need to smear Winnipeg or bomber fans in general.

If just shows how social media blows up nothing stories.

In 1991 Grey Cup, as a kid I was cheering for the Argos vs the Stamps as I liked to cheer against whatever team my dad cheered for.
Rocket scores his Return TD. I am literally the only one in the section cheering for the Argos. I jump up and cheer and I got beer dumped over my head. As it was Winnpeg in November I was already so cold that my feet were already numb.

What happened, my Dad had a few choice words for the Guys that did it. I went to the washroom to get cleaned off and went back to my frozen seat for the rest of the game.

What I didn't do, is run to the newspapers, or TV media. I didn't write letters to the bombers or Stamps for the treatment I received. I didn't blame entire organizations or entire fan bases.

I sucked it up, and enjoyed the rest of the game.

Were these guys that did this complete jerks, yes. But national news, come on.

No ifs, ands or buts. Its a form of assault - and should be treated as such.

Bomber fans, when not drunk and operating in wolf packs are polite to a T - same with Regina Roughrider fans.

An individual fan (unless there's mental illness involved) is terrified of calling out an opposition fan in their own barn - and particularly terrified of tossing bear or initiating physical action - the main fear of the coward is the target may turn out to be THE HULK - or have a HULK LIKE FRIEND.

Just a cautionary note - if someone torments you, even physically attacks you = a response that sees you subdue and possibly hurt the initiator could land you in jail. Mindless cops don't ask questions - they just arrest people - mainly because they're mindless, but other things factor in, too.

Best advice. If confronted in a sports facility - take a quick pic of the vermin perp and then call security. Let them handle it and just know your role - witness & victim.

Ah, the good old days. When grown men could attack defenceless children in public and not have to worry about any consequences.

It's not just in Winnipeg. An Argo fan tossed a beer from the upper deck down to the sections behind the Ticat bench on Sunday. Luckily, there were a lot of empty seats in BMO :lol:

The true test is how the facility operator handles drunken or disorderly fans.

In Winnipeg’s case Wad Miller tried to smother the kid and his family with affection, a gift basket and future free tickets.

What I want to know is what Miller did about the initiator of the assault? I suspect he sluffed it off - especially when he found out it was a friend or sponsor!

Way over sensitive people. I was going to say more, but with the crap in the world and this is making national news, come on. I swear reading some of the comments here, I would swear the guy chucked the kid off the side of the stadium. A little bit of perspective people. Wow.

My first game I went to with my father (I was about 10 at the time and we won tickets from McDonald’s … otherwise my family wouldn’t be able to afford such a “luxury”) … I got beer dumped on me (I choose to believe it was an accident) and it really upset my dad, but now years later I’m a season ticket holder.

Intentional act is not cool and in my section would have resulted in assault charges from the nearest police officer (with lots of season ticket holders willing to provide witness statements to their stupidity - we’ve had situations like this before and we stand up for every fan’s right to say their piece, cheer their team, as long as they remain respectful of the other fans - no name calling of fans, etc). Idiots like that fail to realize that if they can’t behave that’s how beer restrictions or bans get put in place.

We see that problem most often with the Riders in town. McMahon has to double the number of Police and Security personnel. The funniest part is it is usually not the “regular” Rider fans. It’s the students that see the Riders as an excuse to drink to excess and act like A$$#oles. We have several season ticket holders in our area that are “regular” Rider fans and you can jaw with them and have fun, but “the kids” can’t hold their liquor and start fights, dump beer on people, etc.

To all the regular Rider Fans that are about to say I’m hating on a particular group. re-read the previous paragraph! I was very specific about which type of Rider fans were the problem.


This reflects badly on the D-Bag who spilt the beer, who by the way is a MASSIVE D-Bag …but doesn’t represent the fanbase as a whole. Sometimes as a Hamilton fan I see some idiots at game and am like damn…they represent same team/city I do, but doesn’t mean there actions should also reflect badly on me, although reality is, that is the world we live in nowadays it seems, at least on these forums.

Crappy story for sure poor kid, can’t stand people who think they are all macho when they are dealing with a child, pour the beer on a guy bigger than you and see what happens.

If this story was two grown men I couldn’t care less, pisses me off because it was a kid at his first football game, if this happened to me at my first CFL game, I probably wouldn’t be on these forums right now.

I watched the game on tv.
There was a lot of green in the stands.

Yet, a bully had to target a little kid.
Real tough man. That is assault and child abuse.

If it were my kid, if police were not there to lay charges, I would sue the Bombers.
The beer was sold on their property,

Wow , Area 51 this puts Winnipeg on a par with Toronto idiots who threw full beer cans (lots of them) from upper deck at skydump during the playoff series between Texas and the Bluejays last fall .........seems to me a baby was hit by the flying beer/beer can ............oh and lets not forget the TFC /reporter from city tv of last year and the drawing of lady at this years impact/ TFC game that had womens groups (rightfully so ) pi$$ed.

Guess you forgot those incidents I mentioned , funny how that happens in Toronto the good . :roll:

If this would have been at a Rider game involving Rider fans there would have been 10 threads condemning all Rider fans as the anti christ.....

Although I am skeptical that we as fans have turned a corner in team bashing ... I will wait till the next "tar an entire teams fan base" kinda post

I had friends at the Winnipeg game that were in Rider gear and they had a great time. This incident is deplorable and can not be tolerated but in no means is reflective of the Bomber fans. The headline should have read "Drunk man in attendance at a Bomber game dumps beer on kid". In fact the Bomber fans would most likely agree - they would not deem this clown to be a fan. There is a line between crazy fan and total asshat and this person crossed that line. Good on the Bomber organization reaching out to the kid.

Bombers try and rectify the situation, good for Wade and company . Hopefully Rogers did something similar last year for those who could have been badly maimed or worse from flying tall boys, but I doubt it .

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There's Aholes in every stadium. The offender should be banned for life. Make it clear that this behaviour will not be tolerated.

Completely 100% agree - - and that's the issue here.

I've had beer/food/cans/bottles thrown at me and it's a total non issue. But this wasn't some randomly thrown item - - it was a deliberate and intentional targeted attack on a 9yr old child.

There's absolutely nothing more cowardly than abusing a child.

And for a league that's desperately trying to appeal to young fans, this is a total debacle.

Puss move, Bomber Fan.

Good for the Bombers, not their fault the fans acted so poorly but great to see them take the responsibility upon themselves to try and make it up to the kid.

I'm quite OK with having a very low threshold of tolerance for strangers attacking children in public places. Seems most of the posters on this thread agree. Sorry if your threshold is higher.

And this isn't "national news" just because a CP story was written. I think it's obvious to all that there are worse and more important things happening in the world. Not sure if the beer-soaked kid would be comforted much by hearing about terrorist attacks or North Korean nuclear tests.

Pull this stunt at an NHL game and you will get banned for life - Most stadiums have 1800-report idiots hot lines at games as well.

Make no mistake - the majority of marketing sales are driven by youth. For ever 1 team item a parent owns their kid owns 3.

That as well as - really? how does a kid suck it up? Being subjected to verbal and physical abuse is wrong - a drunken adult directing that hate towards a kid - disgusting and illegal.

Go ahead and boo their team - but to attack the person in words or actions is the kind of fan no CFL team wants.

They have a hotline for problems here in Calgary.

If the mom had a phone, she should have taken his picture.

Privacy Act be damned. Get the guy's face on social media.

" Good morning Dave, did you enjoy the game on the weekend "?
" Oh ya, that reminds me, the boss wants to see you in his office "