Covington Drafted by Texans in 7th Round

It appears that Christian was the only Canadian drafted, so now the free agent frenzy begins. Congrats to the Covingtons! :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

So, if he's available, do we draft him, or do we put him on our Neg list (if he goes undrafted, obviously)?

Would absolutely love to draft him in early mid rounds

I agree - ANYBODY named Covington needs to play in Hamilton... lol

We just have to remember that Christian is NOT Grover Mk II - he's his own man, playing a different position.

I see that the Colts signed Tyler Varga (RB) and the Eagles signed Brett Boyko (OL).

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Jamie ThomasVerified account
Christian Covington (@ccovingtondt) signed a 4 year 2.37 million dollar contract with the #Texans today. #NFL

I think it is safe to take him off of the draft list now! :wink:

Maybe not so fast. The contract (other than the signing bonus - which isn't mentioned above) is likely not guaranteed. So if he does not make the team he would then be available (around Labour Day).

Mike, stop teasing us with thoughts of a Covington playing for us against the blew team on Labour Day... lol

According to this site -

Covington should get an estimated $120K signing bonus

That's great news for Christian. Looks like he made the right decision to forgo his last year of college eligibility. :thup: