Covid, to mask or not to mask

I'm wearing a mask to keep others happy. When people get upset that I'm wearing a mask I'll take it off.

I draw the line at clothes. Unless you're into 'hairy cavemen' you're not going to like what's underneath.

Just tell people your wife is taking cancer treatments and thank them for being a f@cktard

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Seriously . " Do what's right , because it's right and for the right reason"
. I first heard that quote in Gr 7 & 8 from my teacher , Sister Joan .


I just checked the stats and it says death per million rates were 993 in Canada and 485 in Norway. So there is indeed a difference but it is about double the rate of death per million and not 20% of Canada's rate in Norway as you asserted.

There can be a lot of explanations for this. Depends upon how deaths are reported for one; whether someone who died in hospital just happened to have COVID as well as a life-threatening illness or condition that in fact was the reason for death (that would affect the numbers) and of course it could relate to the percentage of people who are vaccinated and thus protected. Or it could be other things. Maybe the country was naturally more isolated, they closed down travel earlier or people themselves were more responsible.

From the way you mention 'your' information in your post it seems clear you are a skeptic regarding at least the media if not the governments in charge. For me as a Canadian, I see the UK rate of 2,483 and the US rate of 3,027 and I can see that we have done better than many countries with greater resources and scientific / health infrastructure did. Most countries on the list clearly did worse than we did. Some of them fared much worse. Again, there are a lot of possible explanations.

But to arbitrarily say everything should have fully opened up earlier shows that there is a lack of understanding about how a virus works. The virus doesn't pay attention to politics and "Freedumb" convoys, it's going to do what it does.

And people need to be aware that at some point we indeed might have to shut things down again, partially or otherwise. It's not good enough to say you're "sick and tired" of the virus and restrictions. That does not change the 'science' as you put it.


To say public health measures haven't had 'any appreciable positive impact on society' is ridiculous. You refer to following the 'science'. This is what most public actions have done. By any measure, public health responses have saved hundreds of thousands of lives here in Canada alone.

You DO realize Canada has lost 30,000 people to COVID while the US is approaching 1,000,000 deaths. If you compare the weak and inconsistent actions in the US to the stronger ones here in Canada you will literally SEE the difference these health measures have made.

If you don't understand this I am guessing you are flying upside down Canadian flags on your F-150 along with a F*CK TRUDEAU flag. In that case, you have ZERO credibility. You might as well tell us the Earth is flat and Lizard people are replacing news anchors and Democrats are eating babies.

People are entitled to their opinions. They are not entitled to their own facts. I'm sure any Norwegian will tell you that, too.

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Tell me more about myself..


I was recalling reported deaths from earlier in the pandemic. My error insofar that I wasn't familiar with the latest numbers.

Well, you talk about following science. Then you quote inaccurate statistics to further your point (which is clearly an agenda as opposed to scientifically-based). I heard similar arguments by the Freedumb Convoy people. Trouble is, protesting a mandate is a legitimate position. But then you scratch below the surface and you get the QAnon specials: for example, the vaccines are experimental; the vaccines make you blind; the vaccines turn you gay; the vaccines are part of a "Great Reset"; Justin Trudeau gets 30% of the vaccine "profits". Then you go from there to all kinds of darker, right-wing, racist themes that I will avoid going into. I was at the "Freedumb" camp here in Ottawa and I saw the signs, heard the people talking. It had very little to do with freedom or mandates. It was crazy people using the mandates as cover for every type of nutty conspiracy theory you could imagine.

That's my point. People take a fragment of something that's true and use it as a gateway to adventures in la-la land.

If you had used real statistics I would not have even responded. Even the stats you used did not bear out what you were trying to say.

HINT: you are not going to get real information on social media. Well, not on 95% of it, anyway.

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But you see from the numbers in the US and UK versus Canada that our public health measures were much more effective, right? Do you not agree? They are there in black and white.

So then, if the measures we took were more effective, how could it be that they did not have "any appreciable positive impact on society during the covid crisis".

Where is the existential crisis? The only people in "crisis" were the protesters who went absolutely nuts while the rest of us were doing our bit to protect fellow Canadians and to keep ICU beds for people who REALLY needed them ... you know, for heart operations, cancer treatments, knee and hip replacements, etc.

I might add that these "truckers" represented less than 10% of Canadian truckers seeing as the other 90% were out there doing their jobs for the last two years.

Sorry, I have nothing personal against you. I just don't like incorrect information being passed along when someone is trying to make a point. A point that appears to be loaded with politics.

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Thanks for the education..

I was referring to Norway's Directorate of Health taking a far lighter approach and achieving better results than Canadian ones broadly speaking.

I was making light of the fact these public health officials in Norway also use science to achieve their aims. That lockdown happy Canadian health officials and politicians don't have a monopoly on the application of science or determination of facts.

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You know, I in fact know two people who were affected by all these anti-vax / anti-maskers. A guy I play hockey with's mother had two postponements of a heart operation. A neighbour's kid was diagnosed with a tumour and had to wait four months for his operation.

I have no patience with the people who protested. They took downtown Ottawa hostage, costing us about $35 million in policing costs. They disrupted trade to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. I don't have an exporting or importing business but I can tell you if I did I would be livid that just as business was coming back these ill-informed jokers screwed things up for everyone.

And what they did to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the War Memorial, the Terry Fox statue and the Canadian flag is despicable.

These people are in fact exactly what Trudeau (I hate to say he is ever right) called them.

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Well, that's great for Norway. Results were uneven across the globe, depending on a lot of variables. Norway probably had good numbers because people cooperated and were careful.

Not so in the US and UK. Two very rich countries but ones run by class clowns and anti-science losers Boris Johnson and Donald Trump.

Our population is one-tenth of the US. We lost 30,000 people. The US is going to hit 1,000,000 before this is over. Do the math.

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Anyone who gets upset at anyone who wears a mask are people I simply don't get. But I'm sure at some point some people will be upset as such. Sort of reminds me of old-timers hockey I played in for a number of years, I wore a full cage and guys asked me why am I wearing a full cage, sort of like "come on man, you grew up at a time when helmets weren't even needed, be tough buddy" sort of thing. I didn' know how to respond to these people but I said the truth, for me, which was I took 5-6 stitches just above my eye below the brow from an errant stick in high school hockey and wore a full cage after that every time I played hockey. For me it was experiential learning that did the trick, if that episode didn't happen I'm not sure I would have worn one until I had to to participate. But honestly I don't know. I still find it very odd in hockey at any level full masks, not just half ones, are not required. I don't get it at all. But as we know, mandates and mandating something does get a certain amount of the population all worked up, and I do understand the psychology behind this. Tough call for politicians and people who operate businesses like sports. What about welders? Do they need to wear full masks? Any other professions?

And don't get upset at people that don't wear masks. We got vaxxed and boosted so we don't have to wear a mask anymore, and the mask mandate was removed and we don't have to!
If you want to walk around outside or alone in your car wearing a mask or in a grocery store that's up to you.


Exactly. I'm not wearing one now when I go into stores but I would, well probably would to be more accurate, wear one if the store was packed or in an indoor setting where people are jammed together, maybe an outdoor venue, but most of the stores I go in aren't jammed so I don't wear one. And I don't feel I need to, I trust the Medical Officer of Health of Ontario and the top docs he consults with, if they mandate it again, I'll follow the mandate. Just like in hockey, I don't tell anyone if there is no mandate they should wear a full face shield or mask and if they don't they don't care about themselves or their family should they get their eye popped out. That's simply a ridiculous argument IMHO that people with no mandate who don't wear a mask don't care about others. Completely ridiculous. I'm fully vaccinated. Also if people want to go down the path "you don't care about others if you don't wear a mask", what about people travelling on the highways for a vacation clogging up the roads for leisure which may increase the risk of car accidents with so much traffic etc. Should they stay home in the interests of providing a safer road since all they are doing is driving for a leisure, recreation purpose? Of course not.
I mean before COVID when you had the flu, which can kill people and does kill people as we know, often people would trot into work and no one was saying they don't care about others, well few people were saying this. It simply was never a HUGE deal.


I'm still masking indoors in stores, hand washing alot
I'm just not ready to trust others, My Wife has severe Asthma and if she got Covid it would not be a good outcome.
I'm pretty used to it,
I see now more and more people are unmasked in the stores every time I go.
We are going into a 6th wave, new variants, scary stuff, I'll watch from behind my mask
I never went to restaurants even when it took a passport to get in,
Mostly because I'm to cheap to go to restarants so that is not an issue for me


I sometimes still wear a mask if I think not doing so will affect others comfort. Eating joints and takeout, I wear until seated. Home Depot not so much as it is usually not very crowded when I go. If I went to Cosco, I would probably do so. I try to be considerate of others to a reasonable degree. I usually take it one situation at a time depending on where, how crowded, and how long I will be there.

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But people do have legitimate concerns with the mandates such as loss of businesses, not being able to say goodbye to loved ones in hospitals, and nonsense about job losses over a private decision over their own health which quite frankly was none of your employers/the 16 year old at Starbucks/the CFL's business. Perhaps if they wouldve laid off the nonsense people wouldn't be trying to fill in the blanks about whats going on.

As for the Great Reset, those were Trudeau's words not ours

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The jelly in my eye is melting and I can not even blame it on Covid. Gee Whiz

I had a coworker who was saying she was magnetic after her covid shots... She too k a week off each time she was vaxced... When she came back I told her I have been doing the magnetic trick at parties since I was 14, been over a year and she still is not speaking to me

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