Covid, to mask or not to mask

numbers going up again.

big surprise ehh.

when will the first province to increase mandates and such do so?

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Probably Ontario

Wear your mask .

As Dr. Sam Goldstein says though, show your smile whenever you feel safe to do so, so important for humans.

The Extraordinary Power of a Smile

" But for now, smiling has been put on the back burner for safety. I get it. Virologists like Dr. Fauci and his clan care only about limiting the spread of the virus. I suspect their first recommendation was for everyone to stay home forever with the door nailed shut from the outside by the forces of good health. Even with the restrictions, we put in place, a new Johns Hopkins study suggests minimal benefit in slowing the spread of the virus nor its’ ability to mutate. Now two years later, more people will succumb to adversity because of our restrictions than to the virus itself. Just look at the studies coming out. As I have written in a previous article (click here) many more people then have died from COVID will succumb to non-virus-related illnesses because of unavailable treatments, alcoholism, murder, and suicide in the next five years. If the powers that be are so worried about our health, then why not ban tobacco (130,000 deaths from lung cancer in 2020), alcohol (95,000 deaths in 2020) or drug overdose of prescribed and non-prescribed drugs (at least 93,000 deaths in 2020) in the United States alone. The rates of mental illness, particularly among teens have reportedly doubled in the past two years. How free is free will? I will address this issue another time."

Got through the dangerous variant of covid, so did ALL my friends...with 3 weeks of mask mandates lifting my province just about everyone I know including myself and my wife got Covid. Gee I wonder why that happened...not one person I know that got sick had any contact with me or anyone else I know.

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Not to disagree with your facts about tobacco, alcohol, drugs & mental illness. That unfortunately is the is the blatant truth.

As for the smile :grin: one does not only smile with their mouth, people also smile with their eyes and their cheeks. I can see you're smile even though you're wearing a mask.

Aaand yes a smile :blush: says it all.


Its perplexing to be sitting in Norway watching Canadian discourse on corona..

The health officials here, evidently following the science.. declared covid to be a routine illness in February and ended just about all measures after a 2 month period of precautionary mask measures due to omicron.. there is zero debate in the news media as to whether it was too soon to have done this.

There is no existential crisis here. Nor was there over the spring, summer and fall of 2021 when Norway was essentially completely open. Norway exits the pandemic with 20% the covid death rate of Canada.

Just about everyone I know has had it now. It was mild.

I have severe doubts that any of the major public health measures in Ontario or Quebec had any appreciable positive impact on society during the covid crisis.


Umm, I'm one of those guys that when I wear a mask,
it actually improves my looks!
:mask: :rofl:


It's a personal choice at this stage. Keep vaccinations up do date for the best protection possible. For most people it's a matter of 'when' not 'if' of getting infected.

Almost everyone I know who got has a mild case at worst.

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The unknown Grover



I am feeling a little bagged right now!


Just to mention I'm not Dr. Sam Goldstein, that is his article he wrote and his numbers, well not his numbers just numbers he's quoting from other literature.

Now if they could make a mask that goes far enough to cover the top of my head and looks like hair, then I see how it feels to have hair. Might improve my looks as well although I'm ok being a cue ball.

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Not with Ford's need to retain his base come the June election ... unless it is so bad he has no choice

it probably will be

My guess is Andrea and Steven will both try and play the card that Ford didn't "care" about Ontarians by lifting the mask mandate too soon. Just what I think will be their main, at least one of their main strategies, to unseat Ford.

Someone may have a meth lab in the capital somewhere so money won't be an issue for his campaign...

Does he have meth labs, show me the links, sounds interesting... Game changer for proof of this absolutely...
Somewhere, somehow love these words :rofl:

My wife and I both got Covid . You don't want this . Wear your mask .


My wife and I both got covid. I'm vaxxed. She is not. She was over it in a week. Me in a few days.

Unless there are MAJOR increases in severity, the days of covid restrictions are done.

(and I mean MAJOR increases in severity).