Covid & the Board

A bit back we had a no politics rule added to the site. At the time it was mainly because of the election down south that was firing up alot of people.

But now we seem to be really encroaching on politics again with all the Covid talk (Covid & XFL being by far the most popular subjects on the site)

Is it likely the no politics will be rescinded or is it just mods are ok with us discussing so long as tone is kept civil?

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We've been playing fast and loose lately, but I think most of the debate has been civil despite understandable contention and frustration.

It's kind of hard to avoid more of this awful virus chat when it's there factoring into so many common daily decisions.

When catching up with family, lately with the vaccines I find I have to steer the conversation more than ever off the topic or remind them about another subject.

And so I would not expect less from good folks who are CFL fans whom I otherwise have not met in person.

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There is a lot of overlap between those two subjects, but they are not the same.

Because covid has had a big impact on the CFL, as well as "Other Leagues and Entertainment", I think a rule banning talk about covid would be absurd. Equally as absurd would be "you can talk about covid disrupting this upcoming season in the CFL, or its impact on the NHL season over the past 14 months, but not mention a large part of the puzzle (various governments/leaders making/removing rules)"

The original spirit of the "No politics/religion" rule was to steer topics to a more civil debate, because those topics tend to get a lot of people really fired up. A moderator will usually step in when a discussion gets too far out of hand and either lock the topic or tell the people involved to take it to private messages. I don't think nitpicking about what counts as politics would benefit anyone.


Just curious

A few of my posts went well across the border of the no politics rule since its rather hard to discuss what is happening without discussing who is doing what (and that invariably leads to the whys)


I think these are unusual times and situations and a little latitude is good under the circumstances as long as we remain civil, not only to each other, but to those we talk about

it would be best if we kept political and religious comments at least remotely connected to covid tho, I think


...this kav....we realize it’s pretty tough to talk about the current world situation without discussing what our political leaders are doing/ there’s no harm right now bringing a certain amount of politics into the discussions as long, as FYB has noted, it pertains to the situation itself...


Create a "COVID-19 Related Discussions/Comments" and delete any reference to Covid, or how governments/politicians have responded to Covid, in the FOOTBALL threads ... let those who want to debate anything Covid related do it amongst themselves ... The same thing should be done for POLITICS of any sort


which football threads are you referring to?

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Although I am in agreement the politics / covid threads should be isolated in general they are

The discussions about stuff that is non football related is clearly marked as "vaccine" "lockdown" or "2 weeks to flatten curve"

Some of the reopening / restart threads mention politics / covid but its quite impossible to discuss the upcoming season without touching why we are discussing it in 1st place

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Not like there's anything else going on to talk about anyways. It's either Covid, Lockdowns and Politics, or...


Especially with a league that keeps squeaking out we're doomed all is lost every once in awhile with the whole world being effected by covid one way or another . You add onto that no games in 2020 and the league is delayed for unknown time period in 2021 .

It's like not talking about a world war in Europe .

Talk about your elephant in the room .

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As long as we wear our masks while posting, everything will be fine.

I think we'll be back before too long to a similar situation though the Delta variant, from things I have read, is not as deadly though more contagious. Mass illness is bad enough though.

A viral fire is raging in Europe now especially in the UK, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Benelux (that's the Dutch, Belgians, and Luxembourg), France and Greece with the spread.

Canada has banned foreign tourists. The US has not. I don't think Mexico has done so either. And of course there are all those crawling in or driving in with all the exceptions. The Delta variant does not care.

You're okay for sake of major risks if vaccinated, but you can still spread it to others who are not vaccinated including most especially the youth including those who cannot be safely vaccinated.

We go from here and the matter certainly is not going away as the CFL season starts.

The following link is best viewed on a big screen and going to the bottom table to compare across countries.

I reckon before too long later in July that will put this tracker back on the front page.

The graphs further up are best viewed sorting by UK.

COVID-19 is getting worse again and discussions concerning ant non scientific rhetoric should not be allowed. Ant misrepresentation of true scientific fact needs to be eradicated. For example…”I’m wearing my mask to get into the stadium but then I’m taking it off and screw the rest of you weenies” or “if your outdoors you don’t need a mask in the stadium” or “the vaccine either works or it doesn’t…if you’re fully vaccinated then everyone is safe”.
These are all lies and should be taken to task as a public health measure. Not moderated and deleted.


…which board?

First off, I am on your side, but each side says the other is lying.

Bottom line: if you see any post that you think contravenes the forum guidelines, then flag it for the mods to see.