Covid hitting close to home now

Since the other thread had to be closed.

My daughter, who is an EA at a public elementary school, is now home for 2 week isolation because a student in her pod has tested positive. yikes.

I am not real scared of it although I guess I should be. I am 65 with type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure. Sure dont want to see anyone in my family go through it though.

The only reason it's still going on is because people suck at keeping their germs to themselves. The best thing we have going for us is that the border is closed. But that won't save us from the Canadians that can't keep their germs to themselves.

People want all the benefits of society, and happily live in it, but when society asks them to keep their germs to themselves, and wear a mask, they can't. These people should be banished from society.

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Don't you mean 'THOSE PEOPLE'.... Take a look at where the hot spots for Covid are. Do you think there might be a coincidence ? :wink:

Nobody likes the truth.

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It's not like they are asking you to wear an Argonauts jersey! :mask:

Found out today my cousin's father-in-law died of Covid. He had otherwise been healthy prior to catching Covid.

that just sucks.

It's too bad our friend West went and got himself banned.

Otherwise, it'd be a hoot to see him go ballistic over this:

?????????? (10 characters)

Get rid of the politics . The only problem west had was his politics didn't align with Sully's .



No, I put it to you that the problem was much more than just politics not aligning; Sully's posts make it rather clear why West got the boot:

"This post is deeply disingenuous and incorrect. We've provided enough warnings that misinformation about COVID-19 is not welcome here."

"Enough warnings have been provided - when members here round the corner from discussion to disinformation, topics will locked and those members will silenced/banned."


No surprise you go after someone who isn't here to defend himself.


Jasmine is more right than wrong.

Clean the brown stuff off your nose.