COVID-19: Sports re-opening already not working?

That's the plan. Let's not hold our breath.

Spring football in the Midwest ought be tricky and sloppy, for March is often the worst month for weather in recent years.

The Pac 12 has its own situation as swept under the rug of the pandemic. The players were collectively bargaining for their rights including in accordance with the new law in California. The Pac 12 was eager to cancel this season on that basis alone given the pandemic, for that discussion still looms to be had.

I figure by the time this is all over in years, not months, and given all the spillover effects beyond the medical, college players at the top schools will be compensated above the table.

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Well September is the litmus test for college football. The slate is rather weak overall, and the SEC starts in earnest in late September.

By then we'll know whether we'll have much of a season or not.

Already many key players in the conferences still playing are opting out.

The sports gambling industry is bigger than ever now. And given the exceptional climate now, I think it will be ripe for fraud and rife with it too.

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Well, as involves some college teams in VA, TX, OK, and TN are already delayed games scheduled Saturday and also next Saturday due to a run of new cases of the virus in the past few days.

Within about a week from Tuesday, about half of what is left of college football could be canceled including I suspect next the Big 12.

Well the Big Ten reverses course, mostly for money but also for perceived ways to contain risk. Hmmm. I do not like it, but I am not a fan anyway of their football.

I do chuckle though with the Governor of Michigan with more deserved egg on her pathetic and incompetent face. You best start drinking some more of the better beer from across the border too lady!

Meanwhile in an exercise of far greater incompetence, with most of the highest rates on case density and spread in the country now led by Texas, Florida, and Georgia in our top 5 states for cases, watch the SEC open up with their folly in a week. Oh dear.

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Don't get how The Big Ten reversing course puts egg on the Governor of Michigan's face?

Back in August, she had rejected an alternate plan for a smaller numbers of B1G teams to play after the conference cancelled. Otherwise they would have played including the University of Michigan.

She got her way then but it did not matter. It was far from the first time she's been exposed as weak and panic-stricken and powerless this year. There is a reason they stopped having her on TV since then no doubt. No sorrow no mercy may she get it worse for what she has done to Michigan.

Okee Dookee


The big news today is that Notre Dame's next game at Wake Forest on Saturday is postponed, likely a week, due to 7 players at Notre Dame with the virus and others under quarantine.

There will probably be a few more postponed or cancelled this weekend too.

The case load mounts greatly in most states and especially in the South.

College football is seeing a slight increase in games postponed, and I am surprised the situation is not far worse already as it is becoming.

The game in Syracuse was threatened to be canceled after three players tested positive in the pregame.. After a delay, it was only played after re-tests indicated they were negative.

I expect such to happen the whole lot more so as to threaten many a big game within minutes of its start.

The whole bowl system was all about corporate sponsors and alumni embezzlement more than anything else.

They were already handing out bowl participation trophies before this year will be full of those gimmicks with every team probably being able to play in some stupid bowl.

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ahh Paolo...some times I wish you were a little less harsh friend

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Tennessee Titans "working form home" after 3 players and 5 staff test positive

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Just when I had thought the NFL had the issue tamed but for a player here or there...

Here we go.

I knew this was going to happen. It was only a matter of time. What's it going to be like for the NFL in November when second wave hits?

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Careful FYB, I wouldn't poke the bear, remember what happened to you last night when you made a similar suggestion. . . :grinning:

will the stupidity never end

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Antony Cavillo and the Posse would've wore masks. LOL!

The short answer is no and given what the entire world saw on display last evening, well I think we're still in the second quarter of this madness not the second half.

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Titans-Steelers game postponed to either Monday or Tuesday.

I wouldn't be surprised for the owners will use this test out permanent Monday Night double headers or see how Tuesday ratings will work.......$$$$ drives the bus sadly...


Isn't Tuesday a back to practice/preparation day for NFL teams

Yes that point was raised on NFL Radio too. But word now is that Monday night is being worked out and the preferred option.