COVID-19 protocols keep coach Dave Dickenson out of Stampeders' game

CALGARY — Head coach Dave Dickenson will not be on the sidelines this week for the Calgary Stampeders’ game against the Ottawa REDBLACKS.

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Right on

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Dave might not have been cleared to board the plane anyway.

Mark killam will be wearing a headset, but it ain’t wired to the booth upstairs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well at least it'll LOOK like he's in charge. Good for him. :partying_face:

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You know who will be in charge, hufnagel himself!

Apparently he’s taking this one in on the sidelines tonight to take some pressure off killam and help out the rest of the team as needed…

not good for the Stamps.

the vaxxxes produce antigenic fixation, the original antibodies are useless against omicron variants.

That's the latest science. Trust this science.

Sports people keep giving us examples of this sad news.

anyway, Go Stamps!

I have confidence in Mark Kilam ! He has been with the Stamps for a long time, and I'm sure he has learned a lot about the Stamp ways from Dickenson & Huff. After all they must also have confidence in him as they chose to make him the Assistant HC.

If you don't think Dave will be teleconferenced/Zoomed in from his couch you're crazy.

Probably calling half the game from his couch...

Mitchell & his receivers were horrible. Was Dickenson not being on the sideline being a coincidental reason? Sure glad the Defense & Rene Parades were up for the game. Stamps were very lucky to get away with a "W". As I was hoping Dedric Mills played a pretty terrific game as a replacement for Carey. Now we know the Stamps have a great 1 - 2 punch running game.