COVID-19: Pay-per-view idea

We all know that there is a scenario in place in which the CFL could play its shortened season with no fans in the seats. That is not the ideal scenario since the CFL generates most of its revenues from ticket sales. I am wondering if the league cannot work something out with TSN to create a special pay-per-view channel that fans would need to access in order to watch games. I do not want to see the league disappear and if it means I have to pay to watch games on TV, I will. I view this almost as a fundraiser for the league just they had back in the day to save the Saskatchewan Roughriders. I know this is not ideal, but in pandemic times we have to be creative. The pay-per-view format could also have packages per team, meaning that you could pay to watch games only for your favorite team. There could be a variety of packages along a pay-per-game format. I don't know if this is a scenario the league had explored. Any thoughts?

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