COVID-19 inoculation update: Tracking numbers in Canada

Since the vaccination of Canadians is key to the CFL being able to host games. I figured we could have a thread keeping track of the numbers.

As of March 12th

590 763 Canadians have received their two shots. or 2.9% of the population (Magic number being 70%).

That's embarrassing.

Thought Canada was better than this.

That's unfortunate.

I didn't post the uglier stats which is that Canada has administered 7 doses per 100 population which ranks it so low I can't fit it on a graphic.

I believe Canada ranks around 40th in vaccinations.

In total doses administered 20th.
Percentage of population 58th.

Canada is doing about the same as the Dominican Republic does Israel get 106 per 100 people? Statistical math tutor please help...

100 is one dose, 200 would equal two doses for each citizen.
So when you see 7 next to Canada, that's seven shots, meaning even less than 7 percent have received both shots, right now it stands around 2.89 percent.

Since Israel has begun its vaccination campaign, active cases have fallen from around 90 000 cases to less than 40 000 cases (four weeks). Fatalities are way down as well.

...ah, I see, thanks for explaining this

It looks like many people marched today in anti tyranny protests all around the country and world. Gotta wonder if momentum grows will this cause governments to open or will they double down?

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When have you ever seen government want to give anything up?

You would think they would have added inflation control by now which they caused by not attacking the point of weakness head on instead of sweeping all into a fear frenzy .

Today Instead of UBI talks they would be wise to just reduce the hours for full time getting the economy moving as fast they can with more free time to spend and more working with better pay . Less part time workers and a better stable salary would be welcomed .The ripple of this alone will be a much greater stimulus . IMO.

UBI does not fix the acute problems it just adds onto the problem again by one tool fixes all which it never does .

That's my concern, they keep pushing the can down the road but the underbelly of this thing keeps growing. Yet some of us have done very well considering. I've worked more hours since COVID than at any time since the days where I owned my own business. While at the same time we laid off most of our staff for 3 months last summer and I am certain we will be doing the same this year. But this year they think they got smarter by hiring and training a bunch of people knowing some won't come back after being laid off. Most of them are looking forward to it. Why? Goverment is going to pay them to be on vacation for 3 months of summer. I'm kind of jealous...

Yet in Canada we have the greatest housing bubble we have ever seen. How nuts? 22 offers in 14 minutes of listing. houses selling at 20 to 50 percent more than asking bought sight unseen with no inspections... Prospectors with suitcases of cash harassing people at funerals. That kind of crazy...

Commercial Real Estate, that is a whole other animal. At some point the government won't be able to prevent banks and landlords from collecting their dues. I've read in some parts of the US 20 percent of homeowners and renters are behind in their mortgage/rent payment, that is terrifying.

We are in unchartered territory. Could be somenting akin to the industrial revolution or it could be the worst crash in history. I have no idea, which way it goes.

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