COVID-19 In relation to the CFL

I know this has been bombarding every facet of the media. With the WHO now calling this a pandemic and regional combines coming up soon the league will have to have contingency plans in place even though the pre-season is 2 months away.

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really hoping they get a handle on this and turn the tide before the season starts.

of course this is a really obvious statement, but somebody had to make it


My how quick the tide is turning on this one, and given what was happening in my other country of Italy two weeks ago, I am not surprised and will leave the US politics out of it.

What's happening in the last 48 hours or so in other sports is on the CFL's plate but at least they have seven weeks or so before camps and 3 months before preseason games.

Last night I remember seeing an NBA game on the West Coast and thinking how much longer. Today there was a soccer match in Liverpool that had that normal feeling full of singing fans, and I knew to appreciate it though my Reds lost but at least it was to a better side.

Other matches in Europe are being played routinely now with no fans now. In Italy they suspended league play altogether as one player on Juventus tested positive.

The NCAA tournament will have no fans but for some family, which ought ruin that spectacle for those who enjoy it.

Lebron James stated no fans and he won't play.

It's a brave new world already. We find out more tonight at 9 Eastern US Time.

I was going to start a new thread just on news of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) but it led me here.

March Madness 2020 will be played without fans because of coronavirus
Sports Desk New York Post March 11, 2020

I am really hoping the Olympics are not cancelled. I am really looking forward to the Womens soccer and this might be Sinclair's last kick at the can.

On this topic, I think Lebron is wrong.

I am guessing the only pro league that would really suffer by lack of attendance would be the CFL. Not sure about MLS.

I wonder if they would consider the Olympics with empty venues

Thunder/Jazz game postponed moments before tipoff on Wednesday

NBA to suspend the remainder of the season

Jazz player They Gobert tested positive

Holy S**t, this has gone insane!

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Another problem is that the athletes usually stay together in a single apartment complex, the Olympic Village. Not much chance of containing the virus in that type of environment.

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Wow they are predicting 30 to 70 percent infection rate worldwide .

Idle questions.

Why is it always called coronavirus, and not corona virus?

Also, why is it sometimes called 'novel coronavirus'?

I've wondered about that first question too--keep getting autocorrected on it.

I could explain the answer to your second question, but it's a long story.


The combines bring players from all over the country . They work in close

contact with others and then they will disperse across Canada . Without

testing all the participants, there may be some real issues here . I hope

Randy is staying ahead of this corona virus threat .

Pat Lynch


Good thing the league has a proven record when it comes to player safety!

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Looks like MLS will be suspending operations too.

NHL has a press conference scheduled for 1pm. I think they will shut down too.

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I am predicting it will be cancelled, but even if they pull it off it will be lamer than it has been ever since they have had that stupid 1 and done rule.

Lions postpone FA tryouts in Texas

Have a hard time seeing it rescheduled.

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Training camp is too far off to worry about at this time
In terms of combine. Hold your player interviews over phone and cancel the event,
Not sure combine is all that important anyways


The XFL can use the coronavirus to bail out early from agonizing gridiron failure. What day do they "suspend operations"?

I will go ahead and thank them in advance for sparing us from additional suffering much as did that awful AAF last year.

The NCAA tournament is the only thing good about basketball IMO.
I love the format. It will definitely be strange watching sporting events with no crowd

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