Covid-19 & CFL News Thread

When asked if a hub city model had been discussed, MacLeod confirmed speculation.

Absolutely, they have discussed possibly going to Hamilton or the Burlington area and I don’t think any option is off the table. Right now we are working with them. As you know right now they have a substantial request financially in with the federal government. And last week all the sport ministers across the country who have CFL teams met to see how we can best support the CFL. Obviously Ontario is very excited to host the Grey Cup next year, the 109th in 2021 and so we want to do everything we possibly can to make them viable and that includes having a conversation with our federal counterparts about how to do that.”

It appears that nothing is off the table when it comes to a Hub city model at this point and CFL fans should be encouraged that provincial Ministers of Sport are going to bat for the league federally.


It sure has been weeks since we have read some good news like this.

We are of course still quite deep in the dark woods, but it's still nice to hear.


Farhan Lalji still feels WPG is the best bet for a single HUB due to Hotels and facility
availability, but also feels HAM/Burlington area is feasible using existing multiple University facilities like McMaster, Guelph, London, etc.


the CFL could release its hub city possibilities today

but also, it may not

but, it might

however, there's a chance they won't

but, they may do so

though, they may not

but maybe

Toronto might as well be 30 hours away for the purposes of this discussion ... the idea of a hub/bubble is to minimize movement and thus minimize exposure to Covid-19.

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Sure you still need places to house people

Braley knows some owners have cashed the fans season ticket money. That's why they are in TROUBLE. They kitted fans deposits.

Teams should have shuttered their businesses in the spring with an announced tentative date of March 01, 2021 for re-openining. Now they don't have a pot to piss in , they don't have the money to reimburse fans, which means next to no revenues next year as they reimburse fans with tickets for the 2021 seasion.

The players are no better, they didn't want to hear of renegotiating their salaries and are blaming the owners as an excuse for why they didn't look for other type of work.

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No hotels near the actual stadiums?

From Farhan Lalji via Twitter

The @cfl has sent a statement of guiding principals to the PA along with their thoughts on both a shortened 2020 season & their desire to amend the final year of the CBA & negotiate a new longer-term deal for the future. So the process has finally begun. @CFLonTSN @TSN_Sports

Working on a holiday too :wink:

Not sure. Been to Toronto but not Hamilton.

I would think the logistics of housing 1000+ folks would be interesting

According to Rod Peterson, the league has chosen Winnipeg as the hub city

.@rodpedersen claims Winnipeg has been chosen as the Hub City for the @CFL if the league plays in 2020.

#CFL via @TSN1290Radio

Should they play of course. I think it's the right combination market size, facilities available and fairly stable Covid situation...we'll find out soon if this is true

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Items include pro rated salaries, less time between games, commit to hub city model

Acceptable government funding part of this too.

Want players to sign off by July 23.

Lots of work to do...time for everyone to bunker down and roll up their collective sleeves

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I feel like the news is coming in slowly regarding the 2020 season. I am really starting to think that this is all posturing so that when the season is cancelled they may have more legs to stand on when they try to get government funding to start the 2021 season. I don't see how a Hub city could ever work in the CFL. The TV contracts are not worth enough. But I could be wrong.

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If a 6-game season +expanded playoffs (8 teams) are played in 2020, I expect that it would last for no less than 10 weeks and no more than 11 weeks.

Depending when the season would start, the Grey Cup could still be played on November 29,2020. December 6,2020 is risky, particularly if the hub city is Winnipeg. Could be extremely cold on December 6,2020 in Winnipeg.

While most probably only 1 hub city be chosen to limit the costs, my choice would definitely be 2 hub cities, say Hamilton and Winnipeg.

Most important is to have a season, even if only 6 regular games.



A pretty good read here from OTT player rep Antoine Pruneau

Snippetts from Farhan Lalji on Vancouver TSN radio this morning

"The biggest piece (for return to play) is an agreement between the players and the owners on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. Not just for 2020 but an extension for the next couple of years like the other leagues have done."
"If they get that done, I do believe CFL will get provincial gov't approval (for a Hub City set up). And I do believe they can get that $, because if they get a deal done they will go to the gov't together to get what's necessary in form of salary."
"How ambitious is it to negotiate a new CBA for the next 3 or 4 years in 17 days? It's a hard hard thing to do but they're going to give it a try."
"At the end of the day, the gov't is supporting small business and the wages within that. The CFL is applying for existing gov't programs, where the majority of the money will come from, around wage subsidy. "
"It's what should be expected of government, within reason, to keep industry going. If you can get the money directly to the players in the form of wage subsidy, I think it's reasonable given the current climate."
"It's not going to be $150M (what the CFL would get from the Federal gov't).
It's going to be considerably less."
"I hope they line up with at least 8 games. I think there's a reason way back in time they called at least 8 a number to have a credible season."

"I think it's a real concern (to keep players in a Hub for so long). They don't want it to fall apart if they can't maintain that Hub."

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How I wish this view were implausible, but as some of those connected well with politicians go about their power-brokering, I have to agree with you and indeed such an outcome is plausible though undesirable.

Hub city has an economic benefit that the CFL/CFLPA can sell to the Federal and Provincial governments ... the big thing with the CBA extension is how to manage the cap with revenues expected to be significantly impacted ... perhaps lowered cap levels (with some sort of salary rollback) but a plan that produces dividends for players if the revenues are higher than expected.


PA is fully on board with this ask apparently.

Funds to cover player salaries and operating costs for a shortened 2020 season. Not covering losses.

Apparently ask is about a quarter of the 150 million asking for earlier.