coverage of Cats - Bombers game

I believe the Cats game June 17 will be on the Winnipeg Free Press webb sight :rockin:

If u can find a Link post it

I don't know for certain but here is a link:

  • paul

THANK GOD!!!! I was going to die having to listen to it play by play on the radio thank you SO MUCH :thup: :thup: :thup:

I hope it more then The Pregame Show.

Join sportswriters Ed Tait and Gary Lawless and columnist Randy Turner for real-time coverage of the Blue Bombers’ first pre-season game on June 17 at CanadInns stadium.

They will also present a live pre-game show from the stadium from 5 to 5:30 p.m.

Gametime is 7 p.m.

Thank god We can see the Game

7 pm?? i thought it was 8. Someone please let me know, I dont want to miss it. Maybe its 7 in winnepeg but 8 here?

7 local 8 eastern

This is great news, thanks for sharing.

And it is an 7 PM start in Winnipeg which is a 8 PM here.

is there a mistake on the countdown clock on the ticats website? it says 5 hours 30 mins to go and its 3:30.

Bet me the site doesnt hold up once people realize that link works.....

I found this comment about tthe Free Press coverage on the CFL Zone discussion board:

I asked my brother, who works in the IT department at Free Press about whether or not the game would be streamed live and this was the response:

Just pre-game show live, followed by live blog of action.

John White
Deputy Editor Online

Hope that clears things up.

They were going to show our away game last year but I think CJOB put the kibosh on it because they had the rights to it and they wanted everyone to listen to their show.

well as of now, it is working… lil choppy but i aint complaining.

Still on....

keeping my fingers crossed. :thup:

drew said that they wont be broadcasting the game :cry: