coverage much better in the states

I did alot of complaining last season about no CFL coverage in the US. Now I am seeing at least one game a week. And I see reruns on Sundays. I'm happy.

Anybody else notice better coverage.

Nice stuff, great to see our CFL being broadcast more in the US! Well, it's yours, USA's as well since a lot of the players are American. Let's see some US expansion franchises in good markets that love fooball!!! :thup:

Hopefully they aren't being shown too many Toronto Argo or Winnipeg Blue Bomber games. That could kill any CFL interest there is down there.

No worse than those Detroit Lions berezin or the Cardinals of old, I can assure you that, Raiders right up there also. :wink:

...or up here for that matter, and all points in between :lol:

Even games between crummy teams are exciting in the CFL... :rockin:

I guess the best way to put it is if you were to compare the worst games in both leagues between bad teams, the NFL worst games top it compared with the CFL for no reason than the pace of the game is slower regardless.

The coverage where I live is just as bad or worse than it's always been. There are NO games available here unless you have a dish, or watch them over the net.