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Wednesday, July 5, 2006 - 11:00AM

Burned last week, Esks defensive back challenges Lions to throw ball his way

By Vicki Hall,
Edmonton Journal

EDMONTON - Reggie Durden doesn't need to peer into a crystal football to visualize the B.C. Lions' game plan for this Friday's contest against the Edmonton Eskimos.

The strategy, no doubt, calls for Geroy Simon to match up against the beleaguered cover man. The Lions will try to catch Durden all by himself in man coverage and force him to tackle one of the most elusive receivers in the Canadian Football League.

B.C. quarterback Dave Dickenson will want to test Durden to see if the

Edmonton defensive back has overcome the most humbling outing of his career.

"I expect them to come out and try me," a brash Durden said Tuesday. "But after the first few plays, they'll stop. That's just the way the ball game is going to go. I'm letting you know."

Durden is not lacking in confidence despite being the man painted as the chief villain in a 46-10 loss to the Blue Bombers last Saturday in Winnipeg.

His message to the Lions or any fans who doubt his abilities? Bring it on. Just bring it on.

"I'm just going to go out there this week and show everybody that I can play," he said. "I mean, it's already behind me. I'm hearing about it, but it's already behind me."

Last Saturday, Winnipeg receiver Chris Brazzell slipped behind Durden cleanly three times in the first half -- twice for touchdowns. Brazzell racked up 181 receiving yards in the first half alone.

Durden, 29, calls it the worst game in his six-year CFL career.

"It's just one of those games in the life of a defensive back," he said.

"You just have to forget about it and throw it away and come back better the next week."

The five-foot-eight, 169 pounder can expect to see plenty of balls thrown his way for some time -- provided he stays in Eskimos lineup, of course.

The last Edmonton defensive back to be burned so badly was Fabian Burke. The Eskimos cut him when it became evident Burke had lost his confidence.

In this case, Eskimos head coach Danny Maciocia refuses to single Durden out. He's concerned with breakdowns by the entire secondary.

"I'm not going to call anybody out," Maciocia said. "That's not how we run things around here."

The Eskimos acquired Durden from the Montreal Alouettes during the winter, along with defensive tackle Robert Brown, in exchange for Canadian cornerback Davis Sanchez.

Durden's collapse against Winnipeg came as a shock to his teammates.

"All you can do is get back on the field and prove that it was a fluke -- a one-time thing," linebacker A.J. Gass said. "He never lost the confidence of anybody in this dressing room. He knows what it's going to take to get back and gain that respect he has across the league."

Quarterback Ricky Ray figures the Lions will throw the ball Durden's way on Friday.

"I'm sure teams are going to look at that game film and think, 'Hey, maybe we need to go after this guy until he proves he can make some tackles,' " Ray said. "Once he does that, people will stop going at him."

Durden welcomes the challenge. He wants to show the league he can still cover -- and tackle -- top receivers.

"With me playing defensive back, I have to go out every week and shut guys down. I'm going out this week with the mentality of shutting guys down and holding them to no catches."

With that, Durden walked into a defensive meeting to review the game plan on how to stop Dickenson, Simon and the rest of the mighty Lions.

OMG what the hell is maciocca planning out now...? Letting our worst player in the secondary this year go up against Geroy Simon. It's not that he's just not covering receivers well, but I honestly don't remember him making a tackle the last two games. This is durden's career as an eskimo on the line now.

Wow... and I thought Nik Lewis was full of hot air...

I hope Wally tacks this to the bulletin board!

Durden is a burden

well well…

Durden wants to put his mouth in the firing lane of his Foot!

good bye Durden!

Wow Ive never see na guy go from good to bad so fast. If Durden gets released after getting burned by Simon that whole trade might become one of the most negligible trades involving name players Ive ever seen. I would say at this point that Sanchez (who has been injured all year and not missed at all) has about as many tackles as Durden this year. I havent been able to watch nearly as many games as I have in years past but has Brown done anything this year? if some he might be the only worthwhile part of the trade

esks123 cmon Durden had a bad game. hes an elite back and im not gonna judge him on 2 games... when you been that good that long he deserves a long leash, and i think he will do a good job, plus geroy isnt as tall as brazzell or copeland

....Um, but he is probably the most deadly receiver in the league right now.....height or not.......the way I see it is Durden is either going to look amazing or resemble a goat.......if it were me, I certainly wouldn't have picked this game to make this bold move, DD/GS could make Durden look pretty goatish.....

thts ur oppinion red. bit it sucks :stuck_out_tongue:

And it is probable.

He's either going to shut him down for less than 100 yards. Or get burned for 200 and 2TD's(or something of the like). Which one I don't know. But if you put your word on a game like this(like durden did), against one of the best receivers in the league, and after having two horrible games in a row, it's either perform and keep your job, or not perform and lose your job.

I'm obviously hoping he'll shut geroy down.

nobody on the eskies d can shut down geroy. milt and brazell burned them bad and geroy's the best reciever in the league, no chance

I don't think Geroy's the best in the league hands down. What about Tucker and Copeland, just to name a few.

Um, Our receivers are still a bit banged up. Don't know if Simmonds will be back or not, and he is the real speedster. The Esks just might double cover Geroy with the hopes that one of the replacement receivers can't hold onto the ball. I guess we'll know in a couple of hours.......

I still hope Wally posted the comments on the bulletin board! :wink:

Reggie Durden played a pretty solid game yesterday, silencing his critics, and holding Simon to less than 50 yards(but 1 TD-wasn't covering Simon at this play though, if I recall correctly it was either Dixon, or Craver).

garrett was i think....yah our defence played very well..i guess winnipeg just had our number that night. wont happen again

correct me if im wrong, but you were one of those critics rite? also wanting to see durden cut if i remember (goes for all the eskie fans on here) guess its a good thing u arent the coach or gm..although montford didnt help you guys too much

we'll see about that in a few weeks... :stuck_out_tongue:

oh we got your won big next game we goan knock yuor cocky ass of your petistool