Some things you may or may not know about what kind of giving person we have on our team.

Stephen started his own football academy called the Overtime Football Club for about 50 students in 2015 and recruited other football players to work with youth to pursue post-secondary education and cultivate local talent in the offseason. He and a teammate started an extra after-hours film study group to build chemistry on the team. Stephen is the face of the GIVE LIFE movement with Canadian Blood Services and the Findlay Defensive Difference Makers program in support of the John Howard Society which helps integrate individuals back into society at the end of their sentence. He is also a part of the high school mentorship program, has made appearances with Be Fit assemblies, and threw a Back to School football camp for 30 under-privileged kids.

Courtney has been nominated for the Jake Gaudaur Veterans Award. Well deserved!

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Thanks Courtney!
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Plus, pound for pound, he can lay a lick on most receivers and re-introduces the safety blitz to the D. A team bonus on and off the field.

Class Act on and off the field , he is going to help our team bigtime great he is back !

Great story....need more like him not only on our team but life in general. :thup: :thup: