courtney stephen

I do not want to pick on this guy but it seems to me that he is always behind the reciever or out of position and his open field tackles are to be less desired give an a for effort but will this guy get any better

Yup, every QB picks on one side, and against HAM it isnt Breaux’s.

The tackling certainly does need to improve but our DBs need a pass rush from the ends. We don't have anybody at D end that the other team fears. It's like we've recruited to fit Orlondo's scheme, wherein the ends cover running backs out of the backfield. I see the end having 2 main jobs: contain the run and crush the quarterback. The tackles are jamming the middle but our ends never seem to get to the QB. No Montford. No Locklin. No Covington. No sacks. :frowning:

Pat Lynch(the old guy who remembers Barrow, Mosca, Locklin, and Viti)

Austin thinks this kid is talented enough to start at corner? That's part of the problem player evaluation and the talent pool. Cut this kid and put a International in his spot. Just because the kids Canadian doesn't mean he has the talent to play. Poor special teams player at best.

I saw Rico Murray get torched a few times lately also. It happens to most DBs. I like the hard work and effort Stephen brings. He seems to not give up on plays.

No doubt Stephen had difficulty Saturday afternoon versus Calgary. That being said, I can't say any players in the secondary had very good games at all, outside Delvin. Calgary was playing pitch & catch when ever they wanted.

Now, as far as replacing Stephen, it's not as easy as you'd think especially considering the ratio.

To put someone else, an import, at field side corner, you're gonna have to play a non-import somewhere else if you want to maintain the flexibility that the TiCats prefer in starting 8 non-imports.

Plesius for Reed/Bowman at MLB? They tried that. Didn't work. Maybe it's a case of what's worse, Stephen at corner of Plesius in the middle.

Just start 7 NI's? Perhaps, but then that reduces your flexibility & risk of doing a major ratio juggle mid game if there's an injury.

Move Butler down to SAM & Stephen back to safety with Murray going to field corner? ? Perhaps. But then you take a guy like Harris off the field. Also, I'm not sure if Butler would be a happy camper with that move since I recall one of the reasons he signed here was so that he could play safety again, his preferred position.

Start Coates or Aprile while sitting Tasker or Koch or Grant or Ellingson? Hmmm ... Don't think so.

Without Hazime in the rotation at DT, they're currently forced to make a double switch when they bring in Hall for Bulcke or Laurent. They have to switch in Plesius & Hall for Reed & one of Bulcke/Laurent.

With 3 Americans starting on the OLine these days, it really hamstrings the management of the ratio. Most teams start 4 NI's along the front, if not 5! Part of the problem that isn't getting discussed much in my opinion is the injuries & not-living up to expectations of the team's non-import OLinemen. Dyakowski out. Wojt out/performance. Myddelton performance. Those are 3 right there that I'm sure they were counting upon to hold down valuable NI spots on the interior OLine. Others like Rockhill & Rice & the aforementioned Mydellton are obviously just not up to the task to start & hold their own on a game to game basis.

Anyways, got a little off track. Just saying it's not so easy to move Stephen out of his position and when you start to think of all the possible moves, none jump out to me to say ... You gotta do this!

Butler's best position, IMO, is WILL. His play there last year was unbelievable. Having him there and Lawrence in the middle would help the run defense tremendously.

As always I learned a lot from FG69's post, although I still would put my two cents in for the 7 National option with Stephens the back-up safety, sixth back and depth player. But a question for FG69: you write Wojt "out/performance". I thought Wojt was good last year, especially when he was playing guard. This year he has been on the 6-game list. Is there a performance issue?

Translation... Start the seven Canadians that will do the least amount of damage to the teams' chances! And just in case, start an eighth mediocre national in case one of the others has to come out.
Great, forward-thinking, excitement provoking rule! I couldn't come up with a more counter-productive concept if I tried!

You're definitely correct that Greg played very well last season. I just found it odd that he went from starting to back-up to 1 game IR to 6 game IR. I'm not sure if it's a performance issue or a nagging injury that has just not healed and they put him on the 6 game to save cap space.

Weird as this sounds, but I hope it's injury and not a decline in performance as I really like Greg and I see him as the long-term centre for this team. He's a very smart player & would be an ideal centre in this league. They worked him there quite a bit in training camp and I believe that's where they wanted to start, save for an apparent injury.

My only question was/is to how things transpired. Sat out pre-season. Started SSK. Back-up EDM. 1 game IR. Then 6 game IR. Just a little strange to me. But probably the most obvious answer is the correct one. Nagging injury that's kept him form 100%.

Does anyone think that picking up a veteran like 4 time CFL All Star DBLB Korey Banks
could help out this Defence?
A young team like ours could use his veteran presence.

He was unceremoniously released by the Bummers without playing a game for them,
so he is available and probably motivated!

This was Stephen's only bad game of the season. Their is no need to replace him.

I might add that this is his first season at corner after playing safety last season. He will continue to improve as he plays the position more.

Every team looks to exploit the week spot when they have an opportunity. Take a look at Buckner (x-ticat) same thing the week link at field side corner. But I have to admit he is playing much better in the Peg than in the Hammer. The point that I am trying to make is the Tiger Cats put a square peg in a round hole just because he is Canadian. The secondary has been a train wreck for years. This team has a long way to go for their want's and needs list starting at player evaluation and coaching. Other teams are vey capable of doing this, why can't Hamilton?

The db!s would be better if we had any kind of pass rush. The only time we seem to get any pressure is when we blitz and that exposes the week ness in one on one coverage, especially when the blitz is ineffective. This team as you all have said needs a rush end who can Produce some sacks. Until then I am afraid we will see much of the same.

Hit the nail right on the head. :thup:

A pass rush would certainly help the back end of the defence. Just like a running game would help the passing game. The Cats have not invested any time and effort on the pass rush so you get back what you have invested......nothing

Still looks like the week link on the back end of our defence he was the one that gave Toronto the yards (penalty ) horse collar because he is always in chase mode

He also made a fantastic diving tackle when he tripped up the Argos receiver in the flats right before he turned the corner for a big gain. Stephen is still young and a work in progress but with his work ethic and attitude he'll mature into a great player.

he got partly blocked and just threw himself at that one he got lucky