Coupures de la NFL 2018

Les équipes de la NFL ont jusqu’à 4h samedi soir pour réduire leur formation à 53 joueurs. Les coupures de la NFL représentent une occasion pour les équipes de la LCF de combler des lacunes, remplacer des blessés ainsi que des éléments gênants.

L’année dernière, peu avait été fait par Reed lors de cette occasion. Cette année sera-t-elle différente? Notre directeur-général sortira-t-il les chèques? Quels joueurs potentiels les Alouettes pourraient aller chercher? Croyez-vous que Sherman aura un réseau suffisant pour améliorer l’équipe?

La réponse à ces questions dans quelques jours.

Is it with tonight’s game that veteran contracts are guaranteed for the year?

If so, the number of veterans who will/should not be part of the future may limit the Als ability to try to front-load some deals to attract players.

Even if there are great players available after NFL cuts, don’t count on Joe Mack and the rest to find them! ::slight_smile:

Veterans contracts are guaranteed based on games played.

After game 9, contracts to veterans with 6 years or more are guaranteed.

After game 10, contracts to veterans of 5 years are guaranteed.

After game 11,-tonight for the Als- contracts to veterans of 4 years are guaranteed.

After game 14,contracts to veterans of 1 to 3 years are guaranteed.


Ain’t that the truth. Joe Mack’s record of assembling talent, both in Winnipeg and now in Montreal, is abysmal.

Thanks Richard; so still time to rid themselves of several veterans ... but not "Modest Action" Jackson.

The list below are CFL talent capable of helping this team.I would not be
so harsh on Joe Mack or Russ Lande(who knows his stuff).Talent gathering
is a problem around the league.It will only get more difficult with Mr Braley/Rhodes
insistence on cutting corners on with their salary cap on Football Ops.
Throw in the AAF(which is a real concern for players).Interesting times ahead.

WR Jonah Trinnaman - tremendous athlete, Ben Cahoon protege out of BYU
still learning his position but if patient would be a dynamic addition.

DE Albert Havili - out of strong EWU football program(same school as Vernon
Adams,J.C Sherrit,Bo Levi Mitchell),Think Charleston Hughes, love to see what he
can do with a yard off the ball.

DE Karter Schult - Just give this guy a chance.

RB Martez Carter - shifty low to the ground runner, has good hands.His name
was leaked as being on the negotiation list this past spring.

DE Marcus Martin - The Monster.

Bonus for 2019
QB Taryn Christion - He’s was added to the negotiation list. Intriguing option.

Voici ce qui semble être la liste des joueurs coupés par les équipes du Sud. Let’s go Joe Mack (pour une fois…)

C’est confirmé que Jonathon Mincy a été libéré par les Bears. Il serait un bon ajout!

Kavis is brokeass. He had to cut Rice who he just traded for. Don’t expect any help.

Yup. “MC Hammer Kavis’” theme song is “Can’t pay this”

Just imagine Kavis in Hammer pants singing:

Can’t pay this
Can’t pay this
Can’t pay this (oh-oh oh oh oh-oh-oh)
Can’t pay this (oh-oh oh oh oh-oh-oh)

Pipkin will help remove 120K from Manziel’s paycheck:

Manziel’s CFL contract: $122k base, $10k sign bonus, $18k housing stipend, $10k if active 6 games, $10k for 10 games active. $10k for 14 games active. Another $120k if plays half of snaps. March 1 $75k offseason bonus. 2018 $202k base w/same incentives

1 or 2 more start for Pipkin = Johnny can forget that bonus

Some of the NFL players released by NFL teams won’t flock to CFL teams starting this week.

First, NFL teams will add players to practice rosters.-max. 10 allowed per team-

Second, many players will wait a few weeks before coming to the CFL.

Third,the new football league in the States will add many players.

In other words,I don’t expect players coming to the Als or other teams and being the deciding factor for a team winning the Grey Cup. As with Montreal, other CFL teams don’t have much cap spaces to sign a top player,provided 1 is available.

Priorities will be given to CFL draft choices trying in the NFL and being released. Als have none. Sask. and Toronto have 1 each. Again, these players will wait.

In the end, when CFL practice rosters are extended from 10 to 15 players-probably 2 to 3 weeks from now- the Als,as other teams, will add players to their practice rosters.


Its unclear how that will play out. The guys that might head over are the Canadians who are out of options like Shepley and Gray,Chapman the guys like Ryan, Pasztor, Charles,Boyko that have made real NFL money are likely going to take their time or hang it up. The Als don't have any of these types of players in the wind right now. Als might have a shot at Mincy, that would be a nice pickup.

Charlie Ebersol and Bill Polian add a ton of credibility to the American Alliance of Football but it still doesn't start until February and salaries are rumoured to be $75,000 ... better money than most "Internationals" make but top-end Canadians/Nationals can do better in the CFL.

They were very smart the way they structured where the players will go. Most of these guys will be able to play from their own home or within short travel of their full time homes. They get paid in US dollars too and less wear and tear. Of course the CFL is concerned but I don’t see the league lasting more than a couple seasons. They will draw flies, CBS will lose interest in no time.

Int. DB Jonathon Mincy has been added to the Chicago Bears practice roster.


Effective September 1st,2018 CFL can expand practice rosters from 10 to 15 players,for 30 days. Teams decide their option or date. The Tiger-Cats now have 15 players on their practice roster.

Given that the Als next bye week,after this week, will be week 18 on the CFL schedule, I expect the Als to increase their practice roster to 15 early next week.


The scouting,vetting and signing of new American players has been an area of concern for some time.

Mais n’oubliez pas que nous avons notre arme secrète: Khalil Carter