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....about Higgins release yesterday....

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Well in fairness to Tom he is the sacrafice for Denny CRehans defensive plans over three years. Each spring Denny replaced players like Walmart drops its prices. And because of the defense failing unde his direction Tom also falls. To bad one of the classiest men in football has to take the hit.

There have been two odd things in the Calgary situation that I have observed the past few years.

Last year, after losing the west semifinal, Offensive Coordinator Burrato got the axe. Still can't fathom why he was made the scapegoat, when last year Calgary had the top rated offence in the league.

Creehan's dismissal didn't surprise me, but what he did that made him get fired did surprise me.

Now, I personally have never been a fan of the 3-4 defence. However, when the Stamps had George White, Scott Coe, John Grace, and Bryan Clark all in their prime, it DID make sense....running a standard 4-3 would mean one of those excellent LBs would be on the bench.

However, as time moved along and Grace and White were let go, Creehan stubbornly stuck with a 3-4 when he didn't have the personnel to make it effective.

So, I fail to understand why Burrato got the sack, and why Creehan stuck with a 3-4 when it had outlived its usefulness.

Does that reflect badly on Higgins? Hard to say......

Offensively Calgary was disfunctional last year. It is like have Ray leading in passing and coming in 7th in a eight team league.

Tom's worse enemy is himself, he couldn't or wouldn't demand perfection until it was to late.

He is a good coach just not a head coach.

Madjack I believe it was Steve that was stubborn about making offensive adjustments and thus he was the scape goat. Where like you said Crehan did not have the guys to have success with the 3 -4 defensive scheme and again was reluctant to change. But the problem was not only Crehan but this hurt Tom chance at success.

Thats funny he was coach of the year twice as a head coach.

He took over Edmonton that was at peak, not hard to win for that one. Calgary was a little bit more of a surprise. But then again, I look at Greg Marshel and Dave Ritchie, both are likely better coaches then head coaches.