Country music

Hate to complain about my beloved cfl, but what is up with the increase of country music? Please dial it down.

all of the other music these days is even worse.

Well said. However here is a different approach. How about some entertainment at half time. And as a bonus to TV viewers we Turn OFF the live Mic feature!!

Just My opinion it is the best PG or G oriented music that is modern that translates well with the football crowd .

I think pop music today is unfortunately flat and so niche oriented the audiences are fractured or geared to teenage girls .

Rap is way to vulgar for many .

Rock and Roll usually has older bands as not too many are entering the field of rock music as the audience keeps getting smaller .

Modern Country usually has gone rock/country is not usually offensive and can appeal to general audiences .

The NFL has gone that way and has been well received .

Beer ,Pick up trucks , farming , Hunting , fishing , football , kabota sponsor etc it kinda flows together did I mention beer .

Really? I’ve seen all varieties of music this year for the Thursday Concert Series. For example, the Argos game Thursday featured a rap artist.

Here is a link to the lineup, and you’ll see it’s pretty diverse.

Of course, so far this year, it’s all been pretty bad. And some of these are groups I like, but the performances just aren’t stellar. Monster Truck, Reklaws, Zach Zoya, Northern Pike, and Classified were particularly disappointing.

Some have posted that it’s the short window (on TV, usually just a 2-song set…not really enough time to develop a rhythm, if you’ll pardon the pun). Others have pointed to a sound system that’s not set up for a TV performance. I would love to hear from someone who has actually been down in the pit during the shows to find out if it sounds as bad at the stadium as it does on television.

Extremely astute analysis. Well said!

Yes compared to the vulgar crap music, I cannot believe this stuff is listened to or sells?

Missed concert last night Matt Lang and then The Mavericks… Had to buy tickets for family, they didn’t want to go. So my wife and son took them out while I’m stuck working in Halifax and they fell in love, Wife says they were up on their feet all four hours, they all texted me to thank me today and now they want to book cabins on the Sandy Beaches Cruise. Live country music is universal.

Easy solution really , there’s this new fangled technology thing called the mute button . You should try it sometime , works great for me . 8)

and if you are at the game with no place to hide from it ??

Well ya can always hit one of the washroom stalls at the far end of the stadium at half-time if you like . ;D

I was at a Thursday night game last year when the Beaches were playing and they were very good. Sound was just fine. I was also at the Ticats game last week (Country Night) when Steven Lee Olsen was playing. While I’m not a country fan, again the sound was good - but then the company my son works for provided the sound and staging. We don’t leave our seats in the stands - just listen from where we are sitting. Last year we were sitting near the north end where the bands set up at THF - this year we were at the other end. Could depend on whether teams bring in good sound equipment for the musicians. There are several companies that rent out such equipment - my son has worked for three different ones in the GTA over the past 12 years.
As for not wanting to hear the music - I went up to the concourse briefly at the start of half time and missed a bit of Olsen last week. Found with the crowd up there it could barely be heard until I was heading back to my seat.

Whatever brings the bums to the seats.

ahh yes, the salvation army motto :slight_smile:

Anyone can have an opinion on the different types of music, but from where I am it seems that the younger generation, the one that the league should be pandering to, does not have a liking to country music. That brings up a question: Is the music going to be part of the experience to draw fans, in which case it is probably not a good idea to keep going with the country music, or is it something for the existing fans to enjoy, making it a decent to good idea?

My opinion only .

The young people that like football usually do like some of the new country artists .

They pack the arena in Ottawa .

They are the one’s that like Florida Georgia Line , Eric Church or Luke Bryan .

Tame Impala or the Lumineers or any music playing at the Montreal Music festival Osheaga might make a impact on youth being turned onto the rough head hunting game of football with techno music or folk music but I kinda doubt it .

Country/rock is the safest bet .

Saying all that the Grey Cup is different and that’s when you get the casual influx that pushed the numbers of audience diversity . You want someone with a large following .

Now that is Funny!! Cheers

I don’t know about that. During the close-ups of the crowd in front of the stage, didn’t see many old farts among them. Looked like mostly young people, especially lots of women.

I think the important thing is to mix it up. For example, playing a lot of rap music will likely chase away your older, more monied ticket buyers. Playing pop music will appeal to younger people, but probably not young football fans. (Don’t want to stereotype here, but haven’t run into a lot of 14-year-old girls with any interest at all in football.)

And that is perhaps the bigger problem with other sports having amore pan-gender following.

I’m happy to see new women’s football leagues sprouting up. Perhaps more high schools with solid football programs should attempt to start women’s programs.

well, I ran into a 20 yr old who was a die hard bomber fan. I married her. Now she is a die hard Lions fans. :slight_smile: