Countdown to Richie Hall......

OK, how much longer??

Marcel just hired Hall's good buddy as our new offensive coordinator
Marcel said that he wanted to have his coaches in place in the next week
Marcel is good friends with Hall
Hall is the best candidate available

Richie, let me the first to welcome you to our Hamilton Tiger Cats....Saskatchewan East!!!

but i predict it will happen within 1 week :wink:

Be great if it did but consider these factors:

  1. Hall is interviewing for HC jobs in Toronto and Edmonton..........either of which he'd take over being a DC in Hamilton, I should think.

  2. Moving from being DC in Saskatchewan to DC in Hamilton is a lateral move..............not done unless the Cats sweeten the pot by making him DC~Assistant Head Coach.

OK, done deal.
DC and assistant HC.

Welcome to Hamilton Richieā€¦

Despite the Argo failures in hiring past D-C's to be head coach, I still am hoping Hall ends up as H-C with the Argos..I mean someone has to take the job!!

John Huard is available. :wink:

LOL>.......................:smiley: :smiley:

How about Forrest Gregg as his assistant?


Cut that out MadJack!!! :slight_smile:

Wow, if you could snag Hall as D.C./Assistant H.C., I would be very scared of Hamilton in 2009, provided Obie could actually get some help on the O-line and D-line. But I doubt Hall would come to Hamilton when he could actually be a full head coach in Toronto or Edmonton.

I'm just saying...if it happens...


If we get Hall as DC i would be so happy.

Not only would this elevate Hamilton's coaching staff on par with the rest of the league, If they can get Mr. Hall in addition to Gibson that will be huge for Obilovich trying to convince FA's to coming to Hamilton.

As long as it's understood that Bellefeuille doesn't meddle in the offense and leaves it to Gibson, things should be fine.


     So you would prefer a Gibson/ Hall  co-ordinator combo to a Gibson/Stubler one?

Absolutely. For a few reasons. One there has to be trust between football personel and if Hall agrees to work again with Bellefeuille it would obviously mean they work well together. Two Hall is a player's coach. In what 14 years? with the Riders not one person has ever publicly said ONE bad word about him. Not ONE player. He is very well respected probably adored by most of the guy's he's teached and coached. Hall is a sure bet, Rich is a great coach but would be a better fit I think with a veteran team. Also with Obilovich at 70, Bellefeuille will probably have a shot at the GM position in the next two or three years and Hall would make a fine HC, if he dosen't get his shot before then.

Trust with the HC
Respect and desire to play from him from Players
Depth and succession
Good teacher.

Perfect fit if he is interested

Hall or not... anyone will be an upgrade over Creehan. I bet my 4 year old niece could run a better defense. Seriously..

Not without a pass rush she wouldnt !!!!

Maybe Greg Mohns and Adam Rita can come out of retirement and "Co-Coach"! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:


Good points. I would take either Hall or Stubler....or Greg Marshall (the other).
I think the Mike Gibson connection with Richie Hall would be a great fit here. But we'll have to see if he gets a better offer.