Count Ritchie out.......

TSN reporting here that Dave Ritchie is set to announce his retirement...that takes one out of the mix for us......

Too bad in a way. I did not think he should have been considered as a head coach here if Charlie was gone but as a DC he may have been fine.

Denny Creehan, line 1.

Wally and Obie being close, and the fact that BC released Dave some think increased the odds of Dave showing up in the Hammer. But stranger things have happened.

I sort of figured Creehan's name would come up sooner or later. Personally, Creehan concerns me. I have never been a fan of a 3/4 defence. Creehan used it in Calgary, but when he started there it did make sense. He had George White, John Grace, Brian Clark, and Scott Coe at LB, each of them pretty much in their prime. Running a standard 4/3 with that personnel means one stellar LB is sitting on the bench, and that makes no sense, you are wasting talent. So, given what he had to work with, he went to a 3/4. In that case it made sense.

White left, and then Grace. However, now Creehan didn't revert to a 4/3, he stubbornly kept to a 3/4 when he didn't have the personnel to justify it. That's why he lost his job (and Calgary promptly went back to a 4/3). It is his stubborness in running a 3/4 when he no longer had the personnel to make it effective that concerns me.

Creehan Creehan....Kind of has a ring to it.