Councillor Mike Laytons comments

Send Councilllor Mike Layton a nice message on his irresponsible comments about the Argos Advertisement !! [url=] ... gn-flagged[/url]

“In the context of domestic violence, the ad insinuates that domestic violence in the home is acceptable or normal,? Layton wrote. “The ad may also trigger traumatic responses in the many survivors of domestic violence who are courageously moving forward with their lives.?

On a sidenote, a rare kudos goes out to the executives of the TTC:

TTC chair Karen Stintz, who sits on the review panel, said she doesn’t think the ads need to change.

“It’s a sports team and it’s a sports ad,? she said. “I don’t see it in the context (Layton) does.?

TTC commissioner Councillor Norm Kelly called Layton’s letter an “unnecessary? attempt to shame the Argos.

“The Argos are doing whatever they can to drum up interest,? Kelly said, adding he’s fine with the ad. “This is just saying, (the Argos) play a mean brand of football.?