Councillor Lloyd Ferguson and Katz connection

Wow! did you see the story by John Kernaghan in todays "bum wipe"..I meant spec. This councillor Ferguson has been in contact with this Katz group from the start via Don Robertson who is a realtor in Ancaster. No wonder he was pushing the WH site so much knowing the Cat's don't want that site then he brings his Katz people into the rescue. Ferguson claimed on chml that he didn't want the East Mountain site because it was too expensive and Ancasters taxes would go up. I say he didn't want EM because this would remove the Cat's from the scene and in steps the Katz group...the group that he's been cozying up to from the start. Like they say..."follow the money".....and oh yeah Ancaster, if you think your taxes won't go up now because councillor Ferguson is looking out for YOUR best interest and pushed hard for the WH site...think again :cowboy:

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Nah, no expensive EM, plus hundreds of millions invested downtown is a huge win for the city. Bob Young was not interested, so who's next?

Yeah right. Now we hear that the cost of the EM location was trumped up by city staff. Brad Clark on the Scott Thompson show
stated that the extra cost was already allotted to road upgrade for the EM area. And this was to be done by 2014. And should not have been added to the cost of the stadium at EM. Funny shinanigans going on at City Hall.


Well I could use the phrase "don't count your chickens until they are hatched", but I won't. :lol:

Let me remind you that the City of Hamilton has yet to receive a red cent from either senior levels of government (or anyone else) for your anticipated rebirth of the downtown. While I am not against such a rebirth, I totally disagree that a useless stadium nobody will use after 2015 is the right option to achieve that goal. More residential and commercial investment is what is needed. During one of the later expansions of Jackson Square the city tried to get Sears to build a department store there. Sears turned them down flat. You have to make it appealing to big outfits to get them to invest. This city, although I do love it, frankly does not have anywhere near the appeal necessary.

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Like Mark Twain once said "There are lies, damn lies, and statistics".

The report indicated that any future infrastructure on EM was to be paid by development charges and property taxes.

A stadium and 60 acres of parking lot would have provided none. So who exaclty was to pay for all the upgrades?

Oops. I have to give you extra brownie points on this one JT.

Well that is funny, because once the city bean counter was questioned by councillor Clark, Did he not state that the costs were already allotted to the road infrastructure and should not have been added to the cost of the stadium at EM?

Really does not matter anymore. Once Troop talks to Freddie and the only thing he has as high performance sports (i.e.legacy tenant) are high school teams. The stadium will be pulled before Fast Freddie gets his butt out of Troops office.


EM wasn't Bob's preference and you know it. Are you getting desperate for a solid argument now?

I remember Bob saying they hadn't even looked at EM.

Kirk, you are grasping my friend... :wink:


Looks like Katz n' company couldn't give a good goddamn about the Ticats or a West Harbour stadium:

Ticats not top priority for Katz

John Kernaghan
The Hamilton Spectator
(Aug 12, 2010)

[i]A Pan Am stadium is a secondary element in the Katz Group's interest in Hamilton, Patrick Laforge says.


Laforge said Katz's role would be as facilities operator for the city's current properties. He said that a stadium is a stretch at this point.


Laforge said AEG's visit to Hamilton was simply to show what is possible in areas like the west harbour. He said Katz likes the west harbour, likes the bay views and AEG thought it had promise. [/i]

Bravo councillors... clap... clap.........clap........

[b]Yes, the main focus of the Katz Group is Copps Coliseum, the convention centre, Hamilton Place

and parking associated with those facilities.[/b] I believe Gabe Macaluso, formerly of HECFI

says the city is losing $5.3 million per year at present operating those facilities.


Years ago, Dave Braley was aghast at how much money the city was losing

and I believe he offered to run HECFI and nothing materialized out of that.

Completely missed this thread, it's all coming out in the wash now.

There is another article in the Spec today called "something fishy in the harbour". It's about a fishing derby or something.
Looks like they should have used that headline for the Katz story.

The fact is that neither the EM or WH sites are adequate enough for the Pan-Am stadium for various reasons so I hope the councillors continue to vote for the WH . Maybe that will end this divisive process once and for all.
What a mess. I think they were right to reject the EM site and Bob was right to reject the WH. In a nutshell, who needs a massive hydro power line next to a stadium ....and the WH harbour area may be better off without a huge stadium blotting the landscape.
The best solution for everyone now IMO would be if Hostco waves adios to Hamilton and funds the Aldershot site instead.
But it could take a while to pull it together so I would be surprised if Ian Troop can wait that long. We'll see.

That can't be.

Mayor Fred has claimed it's not the role of government to help or hand over government assets to prop up or assist private business.

You mean he's ready to hand over the keys to the City (facilities and revenues) to a private business like Katz, or Jim Balsille but not BY?


Well yeah, that is why EM's cost was so much higher than WH's.

You lost me. Not sure what your response has to do with costs for EM.

Again,... what?

I 'm just stating what was in the report. What am i grasping at?

Well read all about it Captain, the EM was the Citys pick too. For a source I suggest you PM Bob Young.

Get on board Captain for a better down town site solution, IMO thats whats coming down the Highway. If we are lucky enough to get out of Freds mess !!!