Council of Geezers

....most days, that's my anthem.

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Maybe on those days you're a time traveller Squishy. You wake up at a different time in the past or future with your memory erased. At least... that's what you ALWAYS tell the person who's birthday you just forgot.

No. It just hurts when you forget to place your usual $20 bet on the biggest Kentucky Derby long shot.....


Oh no... :sob:

How can we not feel for you? (though not get too carried away ourselves)

Anyway, whatever songs apply to such a moment, well, my advice is don't play them and change the station far more often in the next week.

And I don't know if you imbibe but whatever your choice, treat yourself to a double for a week too.

I'm well medicated Paolo, very well medicated.

Like I said to my therapist, it's like i have the whole 6 pack, I'm just missing the plastic thing to hold it all together....


And whatever your favourite foods, perhaps double your order too then sir! Cheers.

Oh geez... hold it together Squishy.

Whenever I get really down I just remember that I'm a total loser and things can't possibly get any worse.

Works for me! :smiley: :+1:

you mean sometimes you "remember" that? I wish I could forget :slight_smile:


The day I forget all the bad stuff is the day my brain descends into blissful dementia. Everyone around me will be miserable though. I plan to be a complete jerk.

I wrote that song too recently, but it was about romantic heartbreak.

/Strums virtual guitar

"And all the things about her that I can rememberrrrr ...and all the things I can't forget ..."

Oh dear. :open_mouth:

Well I suppose you've come to the right place. We shall remind you of all those bad things early and often. We won't be miserable either!

And complete jerk mode is heavily temporary too!

We can help you snap out of it too perhaps if you get stuck.

Now go imbibe?

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'Jerk Mode' is my Marvel Superhero alter ego. I wear a cape and rescue mankind but I'm a complete jerk about it.

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.....if you can remember how to....

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What was the question again? :grin:

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Can you fly too?

If so, I could see you unnecessarily disrupting geese in flight formation, as opposed to flying well over or above them, en route to your mission to save perhaps some nice lady or brewery or distillery from undue harm.

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Nice ladies and geese can fend for themselves. Breweries on the other hand need our constant vigilance at ALL times. Remember that Paulo if you ever want to become part of the all powerful Jerk League of Justice.

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Can't wait for the season to start so I don't have to read this c__p anymore.

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didnt have to in the first place

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