Council Meeting Monday Jan 24th

Can anyone give me any information on if there is a meeting this day to discuss the Stadium poposal! If so is this the meeting to discuss the cost issues, thanks in advance!

The meeting is at 1:00 p.m. on the 24th. This will be to receive the report. The vote will be on the 26th (I believe)

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Thanks a million for the link, ill be at both!

Looks like Larry is on the agenda tomorrow.

Larry Pattison is by far the best representative of IWS2.
Hopefully Caretaker and the sponsors have “stepped up in a big way” to make this an awesome study.
We will find out tomorrow what it will look like.
Then council will vote on it Wednesday.
If it passes the vote, hopefully the Premier can put pressure on Troop and Hostco to accept.

The cats have offered little. They have added 18million in pre-conditions which will give us a total cost of 153-174 million to rebuild IWS.

Lets wait and hear what Bob Young has to say.
This was a leaked document, I am hoping for more positive information to be releaased at the special meeting.

looks like there is still a funding gap.

However, I still don't think this has to be paid at why wouldn't we treat it as a mortgage???

Paid over time, this gap (if it even really exists) shouldn't be the hurdle I anticipate council will make it out to be.

Okay so Mayor Bob is unable to attend the Jan.24th special meeting that he called because he is in Regina at a Mayors Meeting.
Can anyone say scheduling screwup. :oops:
Only in Hamilton.

DOH!!!! :roll:


[i]What makes his absent newsworthy is that the Mayor called the GIC meeting for January 24 and then requested the meeting be moved to the 27th due to the scheduling conflict.

Bob Bratina is running a small office of only three staff, only one of whom has previous experience at City Hall, as administrative assistant to former Ward 15 Councillor Margaret McCarthy.

The scheduling of a special GIC meeting when the Mayor is unavailable is a mistake his office should not have made.

Early this past week, Mayor Bratina emailed City Councillors requesting the rescheduling of the meeting. In order to reschedule, a majority of Councillors were required to agree. While the results of the "vote" are unknown, Monday's meeting is continuing as scheduled.

Mayor Bratina and a majority of Council do not see eye-to-eye; there are strong personality clashes. [/i]

[url=] ... _conflicts[/url]

Mayor Bratina will be at the meeting on the 26th when the voting takes place.


Remember folks, none of the parties in this want to turn their cards "face up"
on the table and show what they might ultimately be willing to put in right now.

The Tiger Cats won't reveal their fallback position on their demands either.

That's cutting it awfully close, don't you think. With a meeting today, and only this week for last minute accomodations.

This news today only underscores the travesty of not having EVERY possible location sussed out over a year ago so arrangements could have been made for extra cash sources.

Confed Park
Speedway Park
East Mountain name a few.

Cripes, even a special fundraising lottery could have been in place by now to help bridge and gaps such as the ones they run for St. Josephs Hospital or even back the the Olympic lottery many years ago.

Now everything is in a panic mode and the time left can literally be counted in hours and this whole thing is back where it all started with zero to little progress.

I'm just shocked that it has come down to this. :expressionless:

Having said that, I promised Larry Pattison I'd be there today for the proceedings and I will see first hand what the councillors have to say.

I 110% agree and could not have said it better myself. this has been discussed since 2007. I came across an article the other day in which even an EM location was mentioned in sept 2007 by Mayor Fred. We have known for how many years the IWS needed to be replaced and it seems no planning was done. no wonder hamilton property tax is so high

Remember what it means. [url][/url]

Looking forward to seeing you there Mike.

Sorry but they told they don't have the money ..

The going go back to West Harbor and The Ticats will back out..

There is no "West Harbour" to go to ! The Setting Sail Plans based on city staff reports expressly said that there is absolutely no way a stadium can go there. This is what has derailed the process all along ie: Fred and Council's incredible failure to listen to logic from the outset and going ahead with their unrealistic obsession of erecting a stadium in something called the West Harbour. They have failed in their fiduciary duty to engage in the due diligence of fairly examining ALL possible locations and should be held accountable.

Again, City staff and the Setting Sails plan made it very clear that building a stadium in the West Harbour was not even possible. What part of that did these morons not understand ?

There NOT going to the west harbor and they not going to Burlington, sorry about your luck Onknight :lol: , This is HAMILTON'S team NOT Burlington's!!!

So who else is going today? 1pm city hall!

Very true, I wonder if from the start the site had been referred to as the Barton Street west site how the support would have been.