Couldn't get any worse....

Barrin Simpson is likely done for the year due to a pectoral injury. Just saw the report on The Score. The one player you can count on every night to perform...

His career is finished now.

I went to practice today to see his back up among others. This Lobedahn fellow is quite the specimen. He looks more powerful and quicker than Simpson. If he knowns what he is doing out there, he is going to become very popular very quickly with the fans.

Hard to believe but the secondary and linebackers were looking good today. They put Samuels at HB and moved Malveaux to LB. And Nugent, picked Glenn off twice today.

Dinwiddie looked good. He had a real command of the offense, almost every pass was hitting the receivers in full stride. He also has nice touch on the deeper balls allowing the receivers to adjust and go get it.

Even Roberts was looking good, firing off the ball and hitting holes at full speed.

Expect to see a few wrinkles in the offense too.

...good to hear pigseye....maybe we'll make a game of it come thurs.....Barrin is working with him a crash course on the middle....He definitely has size if he can soak up some of Simpsons expertise..we might have something going on... :rockin:

He'd better learn quick........on Thursday I suspect you're going to see a steady diet of Reynolds up the middle...........