Couldn't even beat a College team

I can't believe the Gades couldn't even beat a team of stiff running college rookies who look like they're still in the CIS. Oh well so much for me feeling sorry for the Ti-cats, you stinking SOB's. :evil:

Hey kids, want to be a lard arse defensive lineman and score a TD? Suit up and play against the Renegades! How many D Lineman have picked up fumbles or intercepted for TD's against us this year? I've lost count.

Time to clean house, re-build, forget about the cheap experiment of using an NFL Safety as a CFL QB, and time to pay Horn Chen the money he wants and get our friggin' name back. And scew everybody that doesn't like that last idea, you have no sense of tradition.

Wake up Lonnie, the Conclusion to this experiment is that's the existing formula does not work.

Shape up Gades or ship out.
We have the Senators now.

keep Joseph, Armstead, Ranek, korey Banks, yo Murphy and rebuild around that CORE.

if they add good free agants ( get Hack, even tho hes a di*kHead ) sure they will make the playoffs next year.

none of this ottawa rough riders crap, please.....they got it right when they called the the renegades......2 roughriders is 1 too many.

if the team contiunes to fail and attendace stays bad though 2008, then i say....MOVE THEM TO QUEBEC-CITY

Supersmith, Joseph could do grat things would he have an offensive line. The ways things are right now, he doesn't have any time to think. And since he is no Allen nor Dickenson, he goofs when rushed.

The Gliebs should really open up the wallet to get real linemen this winter.

I agree, 3rd&10.......Joseph barely has time to catch the snap and lift his head, before oppsing D are ALL OVER HIM....the O-line is the REAL problem in ottawa....thats why i suggest they get Hack, dispite his attitude.

I like the Renegades the way they are.. two Roughrider teams is WAY too bush league.

I agree C4L, that makes the CFL looks bush. I've heard so many americans make fun of us because of that before they folded. I think the Rens need some SERIOUS rebuilding if they want to be a playoff contendor next year. And i hope they do rebuild successfully, because they're my second favourite team next to the ESKS!

Man, some of you people disgust me. Who the friggin gives a rats as* if the Americans or whoever for that matter think we are bush this or bush that, I sure as hell don't. Wake up and grow up and have some confidence in yourselves you pathetic excuses for being Canadian.

If people in Ottawa want the name Rough Riders back, then good on them and good on the owners for getting that name back and the rest of you can go shove it all the way to kingdom come. But I am fearing, after what now, 4 or 5 years of not making the playoffs in a city that has an excellent hockey team, that the Gades are close to moving elsewhere, which would be a shame with all the history of football in Ottawa. Hopefully it won't happen but who knows.

But I had to love how my Cats played Friday night, was there as usual at Ivor Wynne and it was nice to see the Cats put the Gades down and see some excellent performances.