Coulda, woulda, shoulda...

Can't help thinking about the opening drive of the 2nd half when we scored that TD to make it 27- 16 and thinking, man, if we coulda just scored that TD at the end of the first half when Armour intercepted Printers' telegraphed pass.

27-23 at that point?

Oh well,... coulda, woulda, shoulda.


I'm with you Cap'n ... let's face it ... the OPENING Kick-Off COULDA been different, too.

I really, and TRULY believe in this squad. Last night's contest SHOULD - uh ... be FORGOTTEN as soon as possible.


Woulda made it 43-23.

And Calgary blew alot of opportunities as well, we had no business being in this game.

The only way we could have won that game is if we had Cavca and Jesse in the starting line up and a defensive coordinator who is at least half as smart as Huffnagel.

Picking out ONE play is futile. Look at the whole game...and see how we didn't have anywhere near the plays, execution or coaching that Calgary displayed.
THATS the problem!

Hence the title of this thread.