Could you make a team of available CFL free agents and make the playoffs?

Ottawa rose from the ashes and have been a very good team since their return to the league. They had benefit of an expansion draft but just for fun could a good GM and coaching staff make the playoffs with this group?

Pretty good options on D.

Bryan Bennett, international
Brandon Bridge, national
Jeff Mathews, international
Drew Willy, international

Running back
Shakir Bell, international
Anthony Coombs, national
Alex Green, international
Shaquille Murray-Lawrence, national
Travon Van, international

Alexandre Dupuis, national
Simon Gingras-Gagnon, national
Rolly Lumbala, national

Rob Bagg, national
Devon Bailey, national
Adarius Bowman, international
Shamawd Chambers, national
Anthony Coombs, national
Weston Dressler, international
Bakari Grant, international
Vidal Hazelton, international
Ernest Jackson, international
George Johnson, national
Julan Lynch, national
Jalen Saunders, international
Kenny Shaw, international
Josh Stanford, national
Daniel Vandervoort, national
Chris Williams, international

Offensive line
Jon Gott, national
Dillon Guy, national
Avery Jordan, international
Chris Kolankowski, national
Landon Rice, national
Josiah St. John, national
Charles Vaillancourt, national
Everton Williams, national
Mason Woods, national

Defensive tackle
Mic’hael Brooks, international
Brandin Bryant, international
Faith Ekakitie, national
Julien Laurent, national
Quinn Smith, national
Jabar Westerman, national
Nikita Whitlock, international

Defensive end
Justin Capicciotti, national
Arnaud Gascon-Nadon, national
Gabriel Knapton, international
David Menard, national
Tristan Okpalaugo, international
Gerald Rivers, international
Cam Walker, national

Chris Ackie, national
Marcus Ball, international
Adrian Clarke, national
Dillon Grondin, national
Akeem Jordan, international
Jeff Knox Jr., international
Frederic Plesius, national
Terrance Plummer, international
Taylor Reed, international
Lucas Wacha, international
Bear Woods, international

Defensive back
Joe Burnett, international
Crezdon Butler, international
Abu Conteh, national
Chip Cox, international
Emanuel Davis, international

Branden Dozier, international
Otha Foster, international
T.J. Heath, international
Andrew Lue, national
Keon Lyn, international
Johnny Sears, international
Nicholas Taylor, international
Adam Thibault, national
Cassius Vaughn, international
Mitchell White, international
Ronnie Yell, international

Josh Bartel, national
Tyler Crapigna, national

Zach Medeiros, national
Felix Menard-Briere, national

Long snapper
Mike Benson, international

Interesting idea. But I don’t think your team would be very competitive.

QBs: below average (to say the least).

RBs: Not bad - perhaps average to slightly above.

Receivers: Cagey veterans, but mostly old and/or on rehab. I don’t think they’d give defences much trouble.

O-line: I think defences would very much look forward to playing against that squad.

D-line: No stars in that group. They would struggle.

LBs: perhaps average? They would be one of the stronger units on your team.

DBs: actually pretty good if they stay healthy. Mostly former all-stars, just a bit past their prime.

K/P: Fine. They wouldn’t look out of place.

You would not make the playoffs but you would finish ahead of Montreal. :stuck_out_tongue: