Could we see a Labour Stoppage in the CFL?

The CFL is trying to Put together a New CBA .. ... out_cohon/
Could the CFLPA Walk away or The Owner lock the players out.
The sources said two big issues will be the number of hours CFL players spend at their team facilities during the season -- presently it's 4 1/2 hours a day -- and reducing the number of Canadians clubs must start.

The league reportedly wants the players' workday to be six hours and cut the minimum of non-import starters from seven to four.

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any of these issues could Derail a Season

At least they aren't saying all the players sign with the league like the MLS. :wink:

This has happened dozens of times. the players and owners realize a strike mean the death of the league thus a strike has always been avoided. can't imagine that has changed


If teams arent making money how will it kill the league? Hopefully the CFLPA realizes they're not in a position of strength at all and learn from the moronic steel workers union in Sudbury. I have a feeling the bog will be stubborn and ride this out as long as it takes.

And the players should look at it like this, just because a rule is changed doesnt mean teams will reduce the number of canadian starters, I think you'll still see the same amount of Canuks starting on most teams. The rule is going to be done so teams dont have to replace injured canadians with other canadians who they dont feel are good enough to be playing.

Simple Drex. If there is a work stoppage history shows that sports fans don't all return. The CFL isn't stupid and neither is the CFLPA.

Idefinately dont want to see one and i know it would be very bad for the league, hopefully the bog isnt stubburn enough to go this far.

Disagree. In most cases, teams will not start any more non-imports than they have to. There are just too many highly-skilled, affordable and available import players on the market.

The problem is with the community owned teams bragging constantly about how much money they are making. I think a work stoppage is definitely in the cards. I can see training camp being shortened and the season being shortened. Players have a lot more bargaining power than some think. I usualy think pro athletes are over compensated but in the case of the CFLPA. I think they are under compensated and you can't work with these owners as a group, they have no vision and their individual circumstances too different.

Very true. I watched much less hockey after the NHL lockout, and am sure several others did as well.

I watched more hockey because they go rid of the silly 2 line pass rule and teams pretty much stopped playing the trap, the NHL was unberable to watch prior to the lockout.

I would still watch the CFL if there was a lockout, I dont know how many fans would stop and i think if they ran a poll it would be misleading because a lot of fans who would continue to support the league would vote that they wouldnt in order to discourage a lockout.

In addition to the issues of reducing the number of Canadian starters and changing the number of hours spent training per day, other front burner issues between the CFLPA and league will probably include the continuance and timing of the NFL option window as well as the recent pattern of CFL teams insisting on players signing contracts for two years plus an option and then releasing some of those players just before their bonuses are due in year two of their contracts. CFL training camps will start in approximately eleven weeks so the two sides have much work to do to iron out a new CBA in a short period of time.

IF there is a lockout , could the league bring in replacements, thereby destroying the ratio? IMO the players are the ones who kept the CFL viable. they deserve better now that CFL team,s are profitable. the fan base is probably split 50/50 on the ratio issue. how long will Fan,s of NON imports support a league drifting toward,s becoming a NFL feeder loop.?

As you are probably aware, the 2010 NFL season will be "uncapped";the labour agreement between players and owners/league will expire in March 2011. More and more,there are talks of "workstopage/lockout" in 2011. About a month or so ago,when asked what are the chances of a 2011 "lockout",by the Owners,on a scale of 1 to 10,DeMaurice Smith, Ex.Dir. of Union said"14.In the NFL,the players salaries,including the ones injured and on injured reserve, are basically paid 100% by the TV agreements; furthermore these agreements are guaranteed; hence, if there was a "lockout", the owners/teams would receive 100% of these TV revenue,eventhough there would be no games.As you see or realize,not too much to lose for the owners. Quite different for the players, who will eventually have accept that their share of revenue be reduced by no less than 10% and as much as 20%.

Completely different in the CFL. First,the TV agreement with TSN pays /covers roughly 40% of our players salaries,including the ones for players on 9 game injury list. Second,these revenue are not guaranteed; hence,if there is a lockout by the owners/league, there will be no revenue. The gate receipts from the fans,dictate if a team will end the season with a deficit or break-even or surplus. Everyone would lose if there was a lockout of 10 days or more. On a scale from 1 to 10,the chances of a lockout in the CFL is,according to me-this is not the gospel- 0.

There are basically 3 months until the agreement between players and owners/league expire. There is no reason to panic,yet; if we were in early June,I would start to worry,but not now.

While I agree that there should be improvements/changes to the current agreement,we must understand that the new sources of revenue are nil. Either the revenue from TSN increase substantially-will not happen since the agreement expire only in 2013-or the tickets paid by the fans increase by no less than 10% and as much as 20%. No options. Modest increases in agreement and modest increase in tickets,starting in 2011.

When we try to analyse/average the CFL players salaries,based on rosters and maximum cap allowed, we can easily conclude that the salaries for CFL players presently average no less than $74,000 and as much as $77,500,for 6 months; if you take into account what the Als players received for 1st place finish +win in final + win at Grey Cup, we can conclude that the average for these players was in the vicinity of $100,000 in 2009. -Yes some made way less and some made way more,but this is the average. Not too bad!

What are the improvements/changes that I would recommend? Here they are:

1-Maximum expenditure cap:From $4.2 millions to $4.3 millions,excluding other options/increases to follow.

2-Limit on players under contract: To 78, from presently 75, in the off-season and to 72,from 68, in training camp. These exclude current year draft choices and exceptions.

3-Active roster limit: From presently 46,including 4 non roster/undressed players, to 47,including 3 non roster/undressed players. Actually,the 42 dressed players consist of maximum of 22 imports,including 3 QB, and minimum of 20 non-imports. The 44 would consist of a maximum of 23 imports,including 3 QB, and minimum of 21 non-imports.
This addition would add $75,000 to the cap to:$4,375,000.

4-Hours of practice:From a maximum of 4.5 hours a day to maximum of 5.0 hours

5-Limit of non-imports that hve to be starters: From 7 to 6. I am proud Canadian, but I feel that this would benefit our game. Much more difficult to replace a good non-import than an import; easier to replace a Cameron Wake, a Stevie Baggs and John Chick than a Rick Foley, a Dimitri Tsoumpas.

6-Increase of roughly 20% in amounts players receive when teams finish in playoffs,win and win Grey Cup. In total would amount to no less than $250,000 and as much as $500,000 during term of agreement. Area where there is more money/flexibility'; yes,teams will "profit" less,but the players should be better "paid" during playoffs.

7-Increase of maximum salaries paid to 1st year players by $2,000 in 2010 and a further $2,000 in 2012. This improvement,alongs with its possible impact on 2nd and 3rd year players, could add approximately $25,000 to the Cap,bringing it to $4.4 millions in 2010.

8-Lenght of agreement:3 years

Let's hope that in the next months, players and owners/league will come to an agreement on a new collective agreement that will benefit everone,including the fans.