Could we go undefeated at home again?

I remember that game. Sask had a 2 score lead late and David Archer engineered 2 scoring drives after the 3 minute warning.

The real crappy part of it was that David Archer had been a free agent that spring (after San Antonio was folded) and Sask offered him something like 150-200k but Horne Chen threw 750k at him and got him. Then a month or so into the season Chen gave him a 50% pay cut to 375. Then later in the year cut his pay again down to about what Sask had offered and I'm not sure if Archer was even paid that.

So Sask offered what they could afford, Ottawa threw money that they didn't have at him. Ottawa beat Sask with Archer and then never paid him anyways. That was about as bush league as it gets and that's why this league needs a salary cap.


Getting back to the present and the original question, "could we go undefeated" ? I think it ends Friday night against the Stamps.

Just to add to your list of ex Cats or future Cats on that very last win for the Rough Riders of Ottawa , here are a few more with a few names that might surprise you...

Bobby Dawson , Dave Dinall , Tommy Henry , Obie Spanic , Orlando Steinauer , Steve Taylor , Frank West , Jermaine Younger .

I don't have, and doubt we could find, a line-up for that particular game. However, with the exception of Bobby Dawson, I do recognize those names as members of the '96 Rough Riders, at least at some point during that season. Another one, who likely did play in the team's final victory, is Kenny Wilhite, who was the Cats' first pick in the disperdal draft. Andre Bolduc, whose name will come up this weekend, as he fills in for Khari Jones on the Montreal sideline, was also a Rough Rider, who likely played that day in Regina.

Apparently after some further research it appears as if Dawson only played in 1 game for the Riders that season .

I also found out that not only was there a slew of former and future Cats on that team but that three of them were team leaders in individual stats .

Dave Dinall led the team in rushing yards with 404 yards
Tommy Henry led the team with 5 ints .
Jeff Cummins led the team with 8 QB sacks .

Also of note is the fact that former Ti-Cat HC John Payne took over the head coaching duties 3 games into the season after Jim Gilstrap was fired .

Here's the official roster with player games played for that 1996 season .

Thanks for sharing that find, bobo82.
And, there's more .... Joe Moss was Ottawa's Defensive Coordinator. He'd been with the TiCats, prior to that and later returned to the Hamilton staff. Also, J.K. Ouellette, a future Tiger-Cat Equipment Manager was a Rough Rider equipment assistant.

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They should've just called that team the Ottawa Rough Cats . :scream_cat:

11 in a row! The record is 14.


Exactly, CFLfan. Let's take this one game at a time.....and try not to look too far down the road......I love a cliche in the morning...

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Garney likes to revive his own dormant threads, but may have forgotten about this one in all the excitement.

You’re welcome.