Could we go undefeated at home again?

Him and Revenberg are the only two . As for the other three so called starters we currently have on the roster , well the less said the better . They might as well put three orange pylons out there , it seriously wouldn't make much of a difference at this point .

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Another project. Awesome.

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Very true

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I thought the Cats have been drafting well in the last 3 or 4 years by selecting highly rated young O-Linemen. The future looks bright but I think the problem is not enough veteran presence to groom these young prospects. These kids should have been understudies for a couple of years but with Van Zeyl injured the elder statesmen on the line are Revenberg and Ciraco. Both of whom are still young themselves.

The biggest mistake that our twin GMs did was to not re-sign Ryker Mathews and not have a successor to the captain of the line Mike Filer. This created a chain reaction and as a result we now have an inexperienced patchwork line.

Hopefully lessons were learned but it might be too late for this year.


Not too late. Drop Yarbrough put the best of the youngsters in at guard and bring in an import tackle. Need to also have a serious talk about Gibson at O-line coach or at least get him to simplify blocking until the youngsters catch up. Then tell Condell to run the dam ball to take some of the heat off the QBs. Better to go 2 and out running the ball than 2 and out on QB sacks. At least the other teams D-line needs to think about it on the next drive.

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That pretty much sums it up.


You're asking for quite a lot here. :sunglasses:

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Sadly now looks like Erlington is injured but do have Don Jackson, Jackson Bennett and Maleek Irons

How bad is STE injury?

Then only one American lineman can play. Why not?

Not sure how bad i just know injury report says leg and limited on day 1 of practice

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I know Okafor is still struggling, but his play has improved. When they played in Montreal he looked like a pylon, and was even knocked on his ass several times that game. But now you really don't see him getting beat quite that bad.

The problem is that at this rate we will be 2-12 by the time he becomes a true starter.

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Toss Edm a draft pick & get Derek Dennis on the horn already. Okafor moves to take Yarborough's place.

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[quote="bobo82, post:39, topic:73138"]

Nope . Ciraco has never until this year ever started a game at Center for this team or has been listed even as a backup for the position . Yes though he did play some center with the Dinos .

[ Ciraco did play centre against Ottawa in preseason in 2019

Preseason doesn't exactly count . The team had 65 players dressed for that game including 11 O-Lineman . Mike Filer wasn't among those 11 who dressed for that game on that day .

The only other center dressed and listed was American Demetruis Rhaney who actually started in game 1 in the regular season ahead of Filer . He was subsequently placed on the suspended list for game 2 and was eventually released having played only the one game that season . Ciraco by the way started game 1 back in his regular RG position and played there the rest of the season except for 2 games where he was on the IL .

Ciraco's replacement at RG for those two games he missed was Okafor by the way .

Nothing wrong with starting rookies and second year guys. Revenburg and Ciraco both started their rookie years and had to work through the some growing pains. Both played on the line with veteran guys, except now the roles are reversed. The best way to fix it, is to run the ball more. When you run the ball it gets the Olines confidence up and prevents you from being a one dimensional team.

And, FWIR, he played fairly well at Guard.
Having watched the evolution of Mike Filer from when he first started after Hage's retirement to the 2019 EDF, you wouldn't think it was the same person playing those games. His first year was HORRIBLE, but he was MUCH better in year 2, and became the steady influence for Revenberg and Ciraco when they played Guard.
Rhaney starrted the first game of 2019 because Filer came into camp completely out of shape, and was lucky he wasn't cut because of that.

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If the team manages to go undefeated at home, this year, I'll be as surprised as I have been by the number of TiCat injuries so far.
A week from tonight, this season will be half over. And, considering the likely line-up vs. Calgary and then playing 5 days later, in Ottawa, possibly without even more injured players, against a team which has had more than twice the number of days to rest between games, I won't be shocked if our mid-season record is 2-5.

I think Ottawa would need an entire off-season to prepare. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Since Ottawa's in the discussion, here, allow me to throw in note of an Ottawa football anniversary -- 25 years ago, this date, the Ottawa Rough Riders, a team with over 120 year history won a game for the very last time. On a Sunday afternoon in Regina, they beat the other Roughriders 18-16. Ottawa's roster included a few players who had been, or would be Tiger-Cats including Lee Knight, Jeff Cummins, Lamar McGriggs and Chris Burns.