Could we get Greg Marshal for DC from Winnipeg?

I may have missed the boat if Marshall has already signed on with the Bombers but if he hasn't....

Coach Taffe wants an autonomous Defensive Coach, well I know it's not a Head Coaching positon but it would be the next best thing for Marshall. He would get to run the show the way he wanted on defense and he made the Bombers a force to be reconned with this season.

I know the chemistry would have to be right between the two men and I know Marshall is itching to get a HC position...BUT

What if the Ticats were able to lure the DC Greg Marshall from the what a one two punch we would have.

Personally I'd like to see Dunnigan are the OC here in Hamilton. Why? Given the situation he was in in Calgary, he did pretty good but bit off more then he could chew in responsibilities.

Dunnigan would have a mentor in Taffe and be able to focus on the offense and groom our QB's.

If we could get all three of those men it would be reason to be optimistic for the new season.

The question is could be get Marshall, I don't know the logistics and politics in how that would work.


not happening. he's under contract to the Bombers but was given permission to persue a Head Coaching job.

there are no more HC jobs available, and is stayin in the Peg.

Dunnigan would need to accept that it's not his offense, you think his ego could take it?

Frankly, I like the idea of Taaffe taking on the OC's job for now, especially since he appears willing to do so according to today's Spectator. He has a history of great successes in this role and if carrying the two jobs isn't too taxing on him, I think he'd be great as the OC.

I also agree with the idea of bringing Matt Dunnigan in for the job or at least, for the purpose of coaching our QBs. He could perhaps work his way into OC a little later.

Right now, I'm behind Taaffe 100%. Whatever he decides is fine with me as long as there is NO INTERFERENCE from Ron Lancaster.

If we were to offer Marshall something similar to the deal that Chapdelaine got moving to Edmonton.

A slight change in title and a raise I do not think Winnipeg would stand in his way of advancement.

That being said Marshall is generally considered the next best HC candidate out there and you might only be getting him for 1 season.
Is that a way the Cats would like to go, or do they want to build a stable foundation??

I guess we will soon find out!