could we change the fantasy league?

could we change the way the fantasy league is set up? could we starting doing it like the NFL fantasy league i'm in(its a private league) could we have 1 fantasy players team vs. another fantasy team? this would work out great? i like it that way better, that way we can really determin the playoffs and it would be cool, could we? it would be more competitive this way, what dose everyone think, i think it would be very cool this way?

i hope so, because this is more fun this way, dose anyone else want it this way? eskimos32001, could we please do it this way? at least for a week? come on lets mix it up!

It sounds cool and you could do it privatly. I wonder though if FSN would switch to this format for next season

hey, thanks i thought i would be pretty cool, i just hope eskioms32001 will do it, if he dosent, then I MIGHT start a CFL fantasy on this board too, doing it this way, if i can get about 12 or 14 fantasy players!!

Hey I like the old way
If you want a new way go do it.

hey im just seeing the people that might like it this way for a change! the people that want to join my fantasy league say I DO, and if i can get a good amount of people i'll start one! but hurry, i'm going to try to get it going so we can start this week!

…yeah, you kids and your new fangled ways of doing things, just leave the ball pointy on both ends after you’ve gone done messed things up allright?!..facemasks? aach, who needs em, might make you miss the pass, and what’s wrong with leather?, did me fine for all those years, don’t need some fancy girly plastic to protect my mellon, and what’s with this ‘cup’ thing, I tell ya, if you don’t get a good smack to the privates now and then you’ll forget you’re a man there ya little nancyboy…

Not sure which side you're on R&W side.....


.....glad I could clear that up.......

dear CFL FAN:

i chose the format i did for a more suits to casual and hardcore fantasy football players. also, only about half of the people in my league have picked every week, so it would make for automatic wins..therefore making it less fun. in this format, a person can still have fun playing even if they didnt join til week 8. but, it still allows people to have season long competitions. this is the format i chose....i like your weekly 5 suggestions to improve the league CFL FAN, but remember, i am running this league, i put a little thought into it before i started it, and it seems to be getting good reviews by those who are playing it.

also, i did choose to accept this format for te 6 best teams to make it to the playoffs, and will go head to head each week.

redandWhite, so do you want to do it this way or eskimos way? i need some people to join my way, or i cant do it, milkman and me are the only ones so far, i mean you could play both way his and mine? anyone want to join my league?

man, only six? i'll never make it because i joined tolate, here you get a fresh start!

.......I'm sticking with 32001...good luck with yours......

the playoffs are for people who played every week, it helps draw people in week after week, but you can still have fun in the league without being no.1 overall.

you can get a fresh start in both leagues, but competing leagues just wont work

well then please try my idea for one week and see how people like it! or i have to try to compete!

im sorry…im not going to change it unless the majority of the people in my pool say so.

good luck with your league…

.......don't we kind of do this anyway?....I mean, my picks beat the snot out of Third and Ten's picks each week, I call him demeaning things and strut around him poking him with a pencil tip and then we just get onto next would things change?.......

I say keep it the way it is.